Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ala Wai U-Drive Boats

I saw this framed photo at the Aloha Swap Meet this past Sunday.  Does the scene look familiar to you?  It does?  Hoooo . . . you old like me then. 

I remember riding in one of those boats once. I was maybe 2 years old. It was night and very dark. I remember sitting in my dad's lap and being allowed to drive the boat. We started heading towards the inside wall and I didn't know how to turn the boat.  My dad laughed and didn't take over the controls until my mom started to panic.  It's one of my fondest memories.


I found the below advertisement here at Downwind Productions. Try check it out.  Each dot on their map will take you to a story from back in the day . . . veeery, veeeery cool. 



DNakamaru said...

I remember riding those! I remember sitting on the front and hanging my legs trying to touch the water. Classic. Good old days!

Anonymous said...

OMG, yes, I remember them. Sigh, yes I am OLD.

Erick said...

I remember seeing those boats right next to the McCully bridge. Cool picture!

SW said... old can see the ENTIRE Diamond head! $.75-$3.00 in the 60's? That seems pretty expensive..

jalna said...

Picturing you enjoying the water even back then makes me smile Dean.

Funny Winnie!

Seems like so long ago yeah Erick.

Shun Wah, it is a cool picture. I don't even know how much the photo was selling for. I didn't even ask. $3.00 was a lot back then.