Monday, September 6, 2010

Anthony from Guam

I met Anthony and his cousin Bryan just as I was leaving the skatepark yesterday. I followed them back to the park to catch a few shots of Anthony's first riding experience in Hawaii. I heard him mention to Bryan that the slopes were steeper than back in Guam. He really seemed to be enjoying himself. More skatepark pictures to come.



Les said...

These are nice! Hurry up and post the rest! I like seee!

jalna said...

Thanks Les. I'm trying something different on these. You know how it's soooo bright and sunny out there that the colors are really washed out yeah? So, on these I went to Layers and changed "Normal" to "Overlay" (don't ask me why). Then I lowered the opacity to whatever % I liked. For the first picture I left it at kinda high cause I wanted an almost Topazy look.

Betty Townsend said...

Hope Anthony enjoyed his time skating!

jalna said...

Me too Betty. Wish I coulda stayed longer, but it had been a long day and it was soooo hot out there, I was just beat.

Unknown said...

Hey Jalna!
Its Anthony. . thanks for taking the photo's.
I had a great time skating the park.

jalna said...

Hi Anthony. Thanks for commenting. I was wondering if you would get to see the pictures. I'm glad you had a nice time!