Friday, September 17, 2010

My New Rocks

If you read Leslie's recent post Jalna and her precious stones, you'll see that I'm into rocks. I have a really small collection that got even smaller a few years back when I gave most of my stuff away. I just got tired of dusting them.

Although I still love to look at and admire rock and mineral specimens, I never again had the urge to spend money on them . . . until last Sunday. Taryn Fukuji of
Sophia Divine had a booth at the Women's Expo. One look and I was done for. So here's what I bought.

This is a quartz, smoky citrine cathedral.

Apophyllites are one of my favorite minerals. I love the icy look. It looks like clear quartz but the shape of the crystals is different. This cluster caught my eye because of the double-terminated ends. You see how some of the crystals are pointed on both ends. I love that!

I loved the subtle blue tinge on this Hemimorphite.

Don't you just love the color of this Fluorite! Fluorite clusters are kinda rectangular in shape, but the cleavage lines are at a diagonal so that if it breaks, the pieces break off into this shape. Neat hah!


This is what first caught my eye at the booth. It's a Kunzite. I don't know if it's the pink color or the striations or the feel of the stone . . . I just love it.


Here's an Apophyllite stalactite. I liked it cause it looks like rock candy.


This was my most expensive purchase of the day. It was $45! It's a Brandberg amethyst quartz. What makes it special is the tiny water bubble in the tip. The bubble moves around quite a bit when you tilt the crystal. It's so neat.


And here's my ghetto setup . . . black t-shirt on top of my computer desk with Landon's cap over my desk lamp.



Yosh808 said...

WAIT!!! I gotta bring you back the one you wen give me so you can take piktcha!!! I bring um Monday! SORRY!!!

jalna said...

Yosh, no worry . . . maybe I'll add another post of my other stuff and I can include it.

Les said...

yah you're missing the penisdrodite! That was the most amazing one ever! Your ghetto set up was pretty neat...I guess you no need all the expensive stuff!

jalna said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Les, I am SOOOOOO cracking up. I chose not to mention the shape of Yosh's piece, uh rock, uh crystal, oh whatever . . . and here you go and name it PENISDRODITE! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Yosh808 said...

Hahah...I didn't even notice it until're using J&R's wedding shirt!! :) YAY!

jalna said...

I just knew you'd notice, Yosh!

Betty Townsend said...

Jalna...I'm are pure delight. I'm marveling at your rocks and the black background and then you zap us with your ghetto set up. So funny! The rocks, by the way, are gorgeous!!

jalna said...

Hahaha, Betty, I wish I had started showing my setups sooner. I'll try to remember to do it more often.

Unknown said...

Wow! I loved all the rocks..uh, excuse me..CRYSTALS. I can imagine how much u spent if only 1 was $45(yikes!) that REALLY the name? Penistrodite?! Or are u Phosphate-in with me?!

jalna said...

No, CQ, that's not the real name. Les made it up. You'll see why later.

SW said...

wow.. you mean that cap on the lamp created that cool spot light? awesome!!!! great thinking! nice shots!!

jalna said...

Shun Wah, the cap kinda blocked out the scattered light and helped keep it on the rock. The "spotlight" effect happened in Photoshop by my burning around the edges of the t-shirt.

Randism said...

jeez, you rock!

jalna said...

Hahahaha Rand, you nut!