Sunday, September 5, 2010

Garden of Fortune

My good friend Mano asked if I could help take some photos for his friend Ken who just acquired the Garden of Fortune establishment in Chinatown. Smoothies!!! Ummmm yesssss!! Me and Les were so there! Don't forget to check out Leslie's pics.

The Garden of Fortune is in the heart of Chinatown at 102 North Hotel Street.

Here's Ken and his two kids. Ken is like the nicest, nicest guy. I felt bad cause me and Leslie kinda turned the place upside down, moving things around, messing up stuff . . . like we usually do on a shoot.

I did get to taste some of the smoothies and they were really, really good!

Here's the pineapple smoothie.

Strawberry smoothie

Banana smoothie

Papaya smoothie

Coconut juice

Mango smoothie

Watermelon smoothie

Here's their specialty, sugar cane juice, made from fresh squeezed sugar cane. It was very refreshing.


I remembered to get a behind-the scenes shot!!! Mano was a great reflector holder.

The hard-working crew.


Les said...

Hooo da jellos! Nice pics Jalna! Thanks! I had a blast...yummy smoothies too yah? :)

mmiissee said...

I love smoothies...where's the best place to park?

jalna said...

Les, you got some GREAT photos yourself. I had good fun with you too!

Ahhh, parking, mmiissee . . . we parked in the Municipal Parking on Maunakea Street. Kinda tight in there, but it's cheap. It was 3 bucks for the 2 1/2 hours that we were there.

Ken Duit said...

Thank you so very much Jalna, Les, and Mano for your help. The pics are beautiful. I can't wait to get them on our windows. How about lunch tomorrow or Tuesday?

Thank you again.


celia said...

I really like how you captured the smoothie and its fruit. The smoothies look even more delicious. Great job.

jalna said...

Hoo hoo, so glad you like the pics Ken!! Don't forget to let me know if you need any more photos taken. The smoothies were GREAT! I'll let you know about lunch later, but cannot tomorrow or Tuesday.

jalna said...

Thanks Celia. I do need help in the fruit arrangement department. Next to lighting that's the hardest part for me.

Les said...

where's CQ when you need her????

manonguyen said...

I feel like a fly on the wall of a bunch of awesome and talented people. Thanks for letting me tag along and hang out with greatness today :) Pics are awesome and so was the company!

We didn't get a chance to do the fresh fruit shave ice, but maybe next time when u guys have time, then we can grab lunch too! Thanks again Jalna and Les!

Erick said...

Wow, they look so ONO. I have to go check it out! Great shots.

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome pictures. Love smoothies...these looked so ono...better than Jamba Juice, I'm sure. You did good with the arrangements!!

jalna said...

Awww Mano, you are way too kind. I would love to do shave ice!

Hope you can check them out Erick, especially since Ken is such a nice guy.

Betty, the smoothies were awesome good . . . made from fresh fruit.

jalna said...

Les, that's exactly what I was thinking the whole time, "Where's CQ?"

SW said...

The shots look deeelicious.. I like the behind the scene shot..the lady sitting in the chair looking thinking what is that round circle thing?!! Great shooting

jalna said...

Thanks Shun Wah. It was kinda funny the "audience" we had during the extent of our shoot.

Randism said...

eh! u shure dat u neva grab dat round circle ting from my car?!?!?! look ono; gatta check it out lada...

jalna said...

Hahaha,Rand, actually I need one of dos tings for my car.

bebedeer said...

Is this a restaurant or a store? Ok, I guess I should go check it out since its so near my office! The smoothie pics were awesome!

Dd said...

Sooo....tell me tell they sell the kalamansi that I see in the pictures?? sooo hard to find..

jalna said...

Fawn, it's more a store than a restaurant, but they do have some food, like bentos. Please do try the smoothies . . . so ono and refreshing, made with real fruit.

jalna said...

You know what Didi, I was so focused on getting the shots that I didn't even really look around except for the little corner that I was in.