Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebrities and Their Pets Fashion Show

I'm too lazy to think of what to write so I copied the below from Leslie's post:

I met Nancy Bernal at the Tag the World biathlon last month and she had asked me if I was interested in shooting the celebrity fashion show at this year's Women's Expo. I jumped at the chance and dragged Jalna and Erick with me :). Most of these dog's aren't actually their pets, but they were rescued from a home a few weeks ago by the Oahu SPCA and they are looking to be adopted. I absolutely fell in love with them, I wish I could take them home with me! They were pitbull mixes, and they were soooooooooo cute!


















Les said...

Thief! Plagiarist! hahahaha! So cute your pics, but mostly, who took that wonderful picture of you at the end? ho da nice! hahahahaaa!

jalna said...

You said it so well, dat's why. I had to stick my picture in at the end . . . looks like I'm at the end of a runway. Plus I like show off my new t-shirt.

Randism said...

ho da kayute! wish i could have one dog!

Yosh808 said...

Eh! Wea's da cats!?!?!? =(

Betty Townsend said...

LOL!! Copy cat!! These pups are so adorable!! Love the last picture most of all and I like your new T-shirt! :)

jalna said...

I know Rand, the puppies were soooo "kayute"!

Hahaha Yosh, I think they ran away!

Thanks Betty! Nice yah, my shirt.

Dd said...

OMG Jalna, I cant believe how connnected we are in your photo shooting....Nancy and I are pretty close, actually I am closer to her husband Al as he has been a really good customer of mine from Chart House and Hackfelds, but I work closely with both of them with my chef events !! Al might be mcing my Chef Ming Tsai event !!

jalna said...

Didi, YOU must be the one connected to everybody. Actually Nancy contacted Leslie. I just went along for the ride.

Unknown said...

I like the 6th picture. That puppy on the right has the cutest expression. And did that dog only have 2 legs?! It loks like it only has 2 legs..but sooooo cute! And by the way..who ARE these people? Celebreties? I dont recognize anyone! Well..besides the hot momma in the last pic..

jalna said...

Yeah CQ, the cute dog didn't have the front legs, but still could get around by hopping! Jordan Segundo was the first guy. After that I don't really know either.

Erick said...

So, so, so cute! I love how you got their eyes so sharp. Great portrait shots. Nice touch with including the humans in the shots too.

jalna said...

Thanks Erick.