Sunday, September 26, 2010

Andy and Kayla Vow Renewal

Andy and Kayla were here in Hawaii celebrating their one-year anniversary. Me and Erick had the pleasure of photographing their vow renewal at Magic Island yesterday. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, with the sun setting at just the right moment.











K and S said...

beautiful photos as always!

Randism said...

nice pictures ;-) the weather definitely cooperated; did you get to use your lighting setup? i wanted to see the high priestess's tattoo!

Les said...

Hey your flash/sunset pics are coming out really nice!

jalna said...

Thanks Kat!

Thanks Rand. I did bring the lighting gear, but I'm still so unfamiliar with how to use it that I decided against using it. The priestess' tattoo was interesting. I still can't quite figure it out.

jalna said...

Thank Les! It's veeeeery challenging.

SW said... are awesome at using the flash!! I gotta learn from you how not to blow out the background or turn the background all black w/ the flash. Beautiful shots!

jalna said...

Thanks Shun Wah. I'm still not sure what the magic formula is, but for most of the shots on this post my settings were 1/500, f5.0, 160 ISO. Then at some point I ended up at 1/1250, f5.0, ISO 640, and then I went back down again. Erick's and my settings were sooooo different that it just baffles me.

Erick said...

Very nice, great skin tones. I hope mine comes out half as good as yours. Great shooting!

jalna said...

Thanks Erick! I'm so glad you were there shooting with me!

Betty Townsend said...


jalna said...

Thanks Betty!

We Conduit said...

Aloha nui!

Thank you so much for your beautiful photos and your blessing to use that single shot for my website!

The tattoo is my kin, Kin 126. It's my tribe, it's like my entry in this world timestamp hahaha. It is a glyph that says what I am here to do and how I will do it. Everyone has a kin. It is based on your birthday translated into the ancient, natural time calendar. It is an immense topic and some people call it the Mayan oracle, some people galactic signatures, some people Tzolkin calendars, it takes a lot of research to adjust our minds to thinking of time this way, but it is WELL worth the research. I am happy to look up people's kin and help them understand how the calendar works and what it means for them and the people around them if they don't already know, which is why that tatau is there. So you ask, and we can move swiftly forward :)

Aloha nui!


jalna said...

You're very welcome!! And thanks for clarifying the meaning of your tattoo. That's so interesting!