Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dinner with Real Word Magazine

Real Word Magazine is a publication that showcases art, photography, poetry and short stories from the people of Hawai'i. The purpose of the magazine is to spread POSITIVE energy and give people an opportunity to showcase their work to a broader audience.

I had the honor of being John "Prime" Hina's guest at a dinner last night hosted by Real Word celebrating the release of issue 1.4, which includes an article on Prime and 808 Urban. Guests included other individuals showcased in the current issue as well as a few from past issues.


It was my first time to Side Street Inn on Da Strip, and it was packed. Our private party was held in a separate room in the back.
IMG_5793a IMG_5806a

The guests got a goodie bag which included a few copies of the current issue of Real Word and a t-shirt. I already wore my t-shirt today. I loooove it.


This is Cheryl DeAngelo pubisher/editor of Real Word and her husband Fred who is an award-winning chef at Ola Restaurant at Turtle Bay Resort.


Athena Plitcha's photo of her son graces the cover of the current issue.

And here's my buddy Prime. Wooooo hooooo!!!


Nicholas Iwamoto and his mom. Nicholas is the hiker who was brutally attacked on the slopes of Koko Head Crater on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2009. His story is an inspirational account of survival and recovery.


Peter Rockford Espiritu, founder of Tau Dance Theater, now in its 15th year.

Bruce Omori is a staff photographer for Real Word.


Our table: Back row: Chris Marquez, Creative Director for Real Word and Peter Espiritu of Tau Dance Theater. Front row: Kathryn Hansis, Graphic Artist for Real Word, Doris Bitonio, Editorial Assistant for Real Word and Rani Hanohano, HPD police officer!

Michael Harris of KGMB-TV and Brandon. Michael is working on turning Real Word Magazine into a reality show!

Darrell Fox of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods is planning a reforestation project on the Big Island to replant koa in areas that were once native koa forests.


Born and raised in Nanakuli, Rani Hanohano is an HPD police officer with 10 years of service. She also volunteers and dedicates her spare time to various community organizations around the island. It was a pleasure getting to know Rani.


Charles Souza, one of this year's finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching has been a math teacher at Stevenson Middle School for the past 13 years!

One of the highlights of the evening was when photographer Thomas Kuali'i presented an American flag that had been to Iraq and back to Nicholas Iwamoto whose dream to enlist and serve his country ended on the day that he was attacked.

With all the excitement going on, I forgot to take pictures of the food . . . which was soooo ono! All I got for you is Prime's plate with kalbi, fried pork chop, furikake ahi and garlic soybeans. Sooooorry . . . how could I forget the food!!

At the end of the evening Cheryl announced an upcoming event called Spread the Word to be held on Saturday, December 4 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Over fifty artists that have been featured in Real Word Magazine will showcase their work at this event. Musicians, poets, fashion designers and dance troupes that have been featured in Real Word will also perform, along with twenty of our island's top chefs who will share their culinary delights. Three non-profit organizations that were featured in the magazine have been selected to benefit from Spread the Word: Project Focus Hawai'i, Makauila, Inc. and Palekana Kai Ocean Safety Team.


K and S said...

sounds like a great event and great magazine!

jalna said...

Kat, the magazine is truly one for the people.

Les said...

Wow, that's awesome! That was nice of Prime to invite you!!

jalna said...

I know Les. I feel honored!

Betty Townsend said...

Very special to be invited to such an exciting event!! You are "getting around", my friend!! Good for you!!

jalna said...

Thanks Betty. I actually almost didn't bring my camera with me cause I knew I would be surrounded by all these extraordinary people, and among them extraordinary photographers as well. But I thought, I'm never without my camera, and I never not blog about what's going on in my life, why should I not do it this time because I feel insecure . . . just do it. So I did.

Dd said...

Hey there
Forwared this on the Cheryl and Fred....;o} great job !!

Athena said...

Jalna, it was great meeting you at the dinner Saturday night. So glad you decided to bring your camera because your shots are GREAT!!! I normally don't like pictures of myself but I really like the one you took of me. I would like a copy of it to send to my husband overseas if that's possible. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

jalna said...

Thanks Didi!! Love you! Mwa!

Prime said...

Mahalo Jalna! It was because of you that I got to meet a lot of good people at this awesome event. Oh just FYI, I'm stealing your pics for my blog too! Haha..cuz my pics suck! Cheeeunit!

jalna said...

Prime, it was because of YOU that I found the courage to go hang out with these awesome people. You can steal any of my pictures anytime.

daornamental said...

Thanks for taking the photos! They came out great!

jalna said...

My pleasure, daornamental!

Randism said...

oh wow, lau lau! pretty soon i gatta go thru your press seckratary fo talk story wit you!!!!

Randism said...

p.s. just got back from maui; i'm always impressed with the pictures in the hawaiian air magazine; know anything about their photographers? very nice....

jalna said...

Hey Athena! It was great meeting you too. I checked out your website; I looooove your work. I'll e-mail you your picture to send to your husband.

I don't know why I can't seem to publish your comment about the Nikon being yours. It's funny because in our circle of photography buddies, all the girls have Canons and all the guys have Nikons. You would be the exception in our group.

jalna said...

Rand, press secretary! You too funny. No worry, I always going be just simple me, and I always going do my stuff for free.

I don't know who the Hawaiian Air magazine photographers are, but I agree I like their work.

Unknown said...

hi jalna

Iʻm a huge fan of your blog. your pictures are fantastic! itʻs really fun to see familiar places around town but from a different perspective as captured through your lens. i, too, was at the real word dinner. in fact, my name is on a tag in the picture of the gift bags. iʻm disappointed i didnʻt get a chance to meet you, considering we were in the same room. perhaps weʻll run into each other at the spreading the word event if youʻll be attending. mahalos for the great blog and keep up the good work!

jalna said...

Awwww kealoha05, thank you for your kind words. Too bad we missed each other at the party. I will try to make the Spread the Word event. Hope to see you there!