Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sock Monster Making 101

A few months ago superdad Joel introduced me to the world of sock monsters and I've been hooked ever since. I wrote about it briefly here. Now, I shall attempt to teach you how to turn a baby sock into a sock monster.
First, cut the sock as shown. Turn the sock inside out and stitch the ears.
Then stitch one foot. Leave the other one open so that you can stuff through it.Turn the sock right side out and stuff through the open leg.
After stuffing, stitch the foot closed.
Then position the needle like so, so that your needle ends up under the middle of the bottom lip.
Place a stitch at the center bottom of the lip.

Then stitch through the lips to the top.

Then back down.
Up Down and up again, pulling the thread tight to pucker the lips.
He should look like this now.
Now it's time to sew on the eyes. Now we need to work on the arms. Turn the arms inside out to stitch. Then turn it right side out and stuff just a little.
I then kinda tuck the raw edges inward 'cause it makes it easier to sew on.
Stitch the arms on and . . .

Here's what's left of my sock monster family. I always try to keep some on hand to give away as birthday gifts to my co-workers. You can find buttons, stuffing and socks at WalMart. A lot of these socks were just $1 per pair (cheap, yeah).


GreenTrunk said...

these are sooooo cute!!!

jalna said...

Thanks!!! I haven't made any sock monsters in a while . . . think I might try to start again.

Anonymous said...

Been looking to find the best way to sew on arms, just found it! Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

Could i sew these on a sewing macine?

jalna said...

Hi Sara. I think you could sew parts of it on a sewing machine, but most would need to be done by hand.

Anonymous said...

i will pay u o make one for me they are so cute!

jalna said...

Awww thanks, Anon. But sorry, I haven't made a sock monster in ages.