Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Own Steel Cut Oatmeal - 9/28/2008

Four posts ago I wrote about Nathan Lau's blog on steel cut oatmeal and how I normally hate oatmeal. Yesterday, I did go to Whole Foods for the first time and I picked up a bag of steel cut oats ($4). I also had to pick up the golden raisins, the almonds and the buttermilk (which I bought at Foodland 'cause it's cheaper there).It takes a good 40 minutes to make so you can't just whip it up. But . . . it's worth it. Honestly, the oatmeal itself is still tasteless to me, but I love the texture. It's not mushy or pasty, and when you add cinnamon, brown sugar and the other good stuff it's quite enjoyable. Plus, it kept me full for awhile (which is pretty amazing). Thanks Nathan!

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