Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch at Tenkaippin Ramen - 9/25/2008

My mom and I had lunch at Tenkaippin Ramen today. I loooove being on vacation.
We both had the miso ramen and they kindly made hers a little less salty. It was her first time there. She said "the noodles are the best" and she liked it that they cut up the meat into small pieces.
I've been told that the garlic paste condiment (lower left hand corner) is da bomb. I haven't tried it yet 'cause too much garlic majorly gives me the gas (don't tell 'kay).


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Is this the one on Keeaumoku near Ala Moana? I've heard about it but didn't get to go there when we were in Hawaii on vacation.

jalna said...

It's in Kapahulu in the same building as Starbucks. I looove your blog, by the way. I even went out to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up the Steel-cut oatmeal you wrote about. I wondered if other people who might have read your blog had the same idea as me 'cause of all the items on the same shelf it seemed to be the most popular.