Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Honolulu Zoo - 9/24/2008

I'm off for a week and I had a few hours to spare this morning so I went to the zoo. I got there at 9:00 which is when they open. I shot this flamingo through some bushes.
The elephant exhibit was being hosed down so the elephants were behind bars.
The gibbons were really howling up a storm. I wonder if they're always like that in the morning. I had not seen the orangutans in their new exhibit yet so I was really disappointed when I saw this sign. I looked to the right and saw nothing.
So I shot some ants instead.
I usually don't go into the reptile house, but I thought that the lighting might be challenging and it was. This is a mangrove monitor lizard.
And this is a star tortoise.This peacock had a hurt leg and was limping. That's how I was able to get such a close up shot. This is my favorite exhibit, the African Aviary. It's a cage you can enter and the birds fly around you. Me and Susie can spend hours in there.
This guy is called a Serval and he's in the aviary. He's usually hiding somewhere, and I don't usually get any pictures of him.Here are the animals in the Savanna.
Zebra butt. I got more pictures of him, but I thought this angle was the most interesting.
I couldn't believe it when the rhino decided to get a drink right in front of me.
Here's a pokey-pine. I can't remember the last time I saw the tiger at the zoo, and there he was sleeping right in front of me.He woke up, gave me this profile pose and then walked away into some banana trees.
When I first got to the lion exhibit, this old guy was sleeping. People came, waited and went. I was about to leave too when an airplane flew by and woke him up!
He then slowly heaved his aged body up and went to a rock to scratch his head.
I couldn't see the cheetah at all in this exhibit, but I waited and waited thinking that the way my luck was going, he'd surely appear. Just as I turned to leave . . .
I see him and I panic. I have the wrong lens on my camera! I quickly change lenses,
and snap these just in time.
Hoooooo da exciting!!


Sue said...

Hi, I love your island. I stumbled across your blog through a food blog. I visited your island last year and stayed in Kailua for a few days. I see the beauty and culture of the people through your pictures. I was especially touched by your story about Kino. I have the priviledge to teach Chuukese children. You're an angel.

jalna said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. I never realized how far reaching a blog could be. The Chuukese people are special to me, especially the children. I am sure you are a blessing to them.