Saturday, February 27, 2016

Termite Damage

Wendell called Don Fernandez at Epoxy Restoration LLC to fix the termite-damaged beams in our house. I'm not really sure what the exact process is, but it involves injecting epoxy into the termite pukas. It seems like a good idea to me.  It cost us around $4,400.  The last photo is our proposal and contract.

These photos are of only one beam in one room of the house, going from left to right of the beam. They repaired several beams in both inside and outside of the house. 









Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh wow! Interesting!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Damn termites! Good solution for you guys - though expensive.

One of the things that I use is that dehydrating silica dessicant powder that comes packed with nori and other foods to keep them fresh and dry. I read somewhere that if a termite walks on it, they take it back to the nest and the termite dies while drying up.

So, I figure, why not try - might work better than TermX which is super messy, probably super toxic, and da buggah no work that good.

We had an old old koa bench and I could actually see the termites going to and fro, like they were having a party and bring food. I used to shoot up TermX into the pukas and openings and then a little while later, the food party got started up again and the termites continued to go to and fro.

So, den, I pushed and prodded some of the silica dessicant powder into the pukas and openings and just let it be. I think that did the trick because ever since then, no parties for the termites in evidence!

I also used it very liberally when our wood floor expert (Nishimura Flooring) had to replace an entire room's wood floor because of termite damage. When he removed all the planks, the wood beams underneath looked pretty bad but we weren't about to remove and replace so I went in and practically poured the silica dessicant into every nook and cranny and corner before the floor guys put the replacement wood floor planks in. When he came back, he was kinda upset, thinking that I put poison but I assured him was just the drying powder stuff that I read about someplace.

Not sure if it worked, but was a cheap solution and so I put it wherever I think got cockaroaches (heard it dehydrates them too) or termites. Just gotta be careful not to breath it in otherwise your lungs don't like it (speaking from experience). Also, wear gloves so your hands don't get all dried up feeling.

Mark Shelby said...

I would have done that for you for free if you would let me come stay with you folks and feed me all of your yummie stuff! ; )

Anonymous said...

J; OMG that's so expensive BUT the damage was so extensive. Ouch Ouch Itai! I got termite droppings falling unto our kitchen dish rack daily. Know gotta tent eventually. sigh. Ats why I preferred renting. -NYH

Mark Shelby said...

And may I kindly ad? And I am not mocking you or being mean Jalna! Before I would have paid $4,000 bucks for that. I would have made sure the termites were gone. And then I would have just cut plywood sheets to fit the area, and screwed them up! And then painted over. To make sure the area looks clean and normal. You could have probably fixed this for $50 bucks! Next time call me! ; )

Susan said...

Oooo the expenses! But better than the house falling down!

jalna said...

Interesting concept yah, Mich.

I didn't know about the dessicant theory . . . sounds feasible.

Awww, Mark, thanks but Wendell takes care of all this kine stuff. Thank God!

N, soooo itai!

I know Susan! I worry for Landon who's gonna be left with a termite-eaten old house.

Kay said...

That is just so awesome. It's good to know about. I always wonder though about the studs and beams that I can't see. Who knows where those termites are lurking.

K and S said...

wow! sounds expensive but probably worth it

jalna said...

Unreal yah, Kay. I never heard about the process until Wendell told me.

Choke expensive yah, Kat, but hopefully worth it.

DNakamaru said...

Looks good - i heard that epoxy works!

jalna said...

Crossing my fingers, Dean!