Monday, April 14, 2014

Omega-3 Eggs

I feel stressed.  People are still receiving spam emails from me even though I changed my AOL email password.  On the advice of some people I changed my passwords for other accounts too.  I have a hard enough time remembering all my different passwords, and now I got dollar signs or numbers added in or totally new passwords.  Even so, if the spam emails don't stop, I might need to cancel my AOL account which I've had for 15 years.  

I do have an alternate road runner email address that I can use.  This evening, I started to change some of my accounts like Amazon and Flickr so that they'll be using the road runner address from now on . . . but there are CHOKE more to change . . . not even counting notifying friends and family. **sigh**

I decided to take a break from all of the above and share some pictures with you.  I still no more my PC back from Cowabunga yet . . . they actually still haven't even called me.  But at least I learned how to load my photos onto my Mac.   

Cool yah, this shot. I had my camera's sensor cleaned.  Good photographers clean their sensors all the time.  My camera is 5 years old and the sensor had never been cleaned before. It was filthy.  Had whoppa duza specks all over the place. Now it's sooooo clean . . . like brand new.  Anyway, I got these eggs from Marukai. They were $5 for a dozen.

Can anybody tell me what 地玉子 means?  I tried looking it up, but drew blanks.IMG_2921

This is all the good stuff that caught my eye.  Actually, I just wondered if it tasted better than regular eggs.

The yolk looks a little more orange than usual to me. No? Cute plate yah.  Swap meet . . . I think it was 25 cents.   I once called somebody (I forgot who) and asked how you could tell if an egg was fresh.  She said that if the yolk is well formed and rounded it's fresh.  The yolk will flatten out as it gets older.

I made the egg my favorite way . . . with a little shoyu and sugar, topped with some furikake . . . 

and then rolled.

It went well with some shrimp tempura sushi, but I honestly can't say if it tasted better than regular eggs.  I'd probably do 50/50 in a blind taste test.


K and S said...

I think those kanji means ji-tamago(local egg)

Kalin's Mommy said...

I remember seeing a show about Japan having really rich orange yolks. Might have been Soko ga Shiritai????

jalna said...

Ooooh, thank you, Kat!!

Yah, probably was Soko ga Shiritai, Mich. I was hoping the eggs would be like that.

Erick said...

Looks ono. I try make my eggs like that next time.

If you want to stop virus created outbound emails run a software firewall. It will trap the bad email. Zone Alarm has free one that works well.

Nippon Nin said...

Locally produced eggs? Nice egg pic! A bit pricy but looks delicious. I like your creation too.

jalna said...

But Erick, I don't go online with my PC. I use my Mac. You think this problem is virus created?

Anonymous said...

I need to get my sensor cleaned too. Where did you have yours done? Was it expensive to do? Thanks. kawika

DNakamaru said...

Awesome shots! Very clean!!!!

Anonymous said...

j: Kat got it right, checked w/ my mom and it says local eggs. Gawd, I am so sorry to hear about your AOL probs. My hacking took place 1-1/2 years ago and guess hackers are much smarter. As once AOL suspended my acc't it all stopped. How can they keep spamming when you change your passcode? Yea, I changed all my p/c too as a precaution but once the hackers couldn't access my acc't it all stopped. Even if you shut down your AOL acc't that means they can still use your SN cuz they're already doing it is what I'm thinking. Don't feel too badly I've had two friends whose acc't got hacked (not AOLers) and the first one I bit cuz it had a link thinking it was her but after that I got it that she was hacked. Unfortunately it's too common so once I get weird emails with only links or strange captions I know. I think your recipients are web savvy.

As for eggs if you ever know who ever has their own hens and get their fresh eggs from them you gotta try 'em. I lived in Maui with my ex-FIL and we had fresh eggs daily and unlike the store kine, they actually taste good. They actually have taste as the store ones are bland. Can't describe it to say it's eggy and delish. I really want to raise hens but MTI Assoc. has a ban on chickens up here. drats.

One question on photography for you. I have a low end Nikon and when I try to shoot the moon or the sky the image bounces all over the dang place: in frame, outta frame. I tried to steady my hands but doesn't really work. It's like when I had a hand held telescope it is just a bouncy image and I can't get it to still. Yet day time images that doesn't happen; I have that steady pix setting on. Why is this? Obviously I just like to take pix for my own personal use. God Bless - N

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi!

Kawika, I took my camera to Hawaii Photo Rental in Kaimuki. I lucked out because they were having a 10% sale that day. Normally it's $30. I took the camera in on my way to work and picked it up on my way home on the same day!

Thanks Dean! Clean sensor!!

Oooh N, I'm curious now about fresh, ono-tasting eggs. I did try just boiling the Marukai eggs and eating um without any enhancements. I think it does taste "eggier". You ever had salads from Costco? The boiled eggs in um have no taste at all. Are there such things as "fake" eggs? I think you're right about the hackers. I think somehow they circumvented the password security and made it seem like the emails were coming from me. I'm holding off on closing the account 'cause it's just so humbug. I'm not real sure about your photography problem, especially since it happens only with your night time shots and not during the day.

Leslie's pics said...

$30!!!!!! Holy crap! Canon charged me $50!! >:( But at least I'm getting a free cleaning and mirror adjustment with my other one. Geez, I woulda paid a hundred bucks.

your egg looks so pretty with the cute plate :)

Mark Shelby said... AOL and ask them to help you with all of this and explain the problem.

I bet they can find the Hacker!

Because AOL can look up the history and find his computer number!

I am sorry this is happening.

I had AOL years ago.

Someone is clearly personally attacking you.

I would not rest until I put a stop to it!

jalna said...

I paid even less 'cause had sale, Les. I paid $28. I found out they do cleaning when I was looking into renting a micro four thirds camera.

Thanks Mark. I did click on the AOL Help, but it seemed to me like they would only help me if I was a paying customer so I didn't go further. I'll check it out again later . . . when I have more energy. This kind of stuff makes me weak.

Randism said...

sorry to hear about your problem with some hacker; it's such a major pain. i dunno how but i hope you get it resolved and that you'll never have to deal with this kind of stuff again.

eggs: i'd love to have those fresh, ono eggs but i'm guessing that's not possible in town; maybe in a town like makawao on maui but not honolulu; bummer!

ps: did you know there's a city named after you? it's in india!,_Maharashtra

jalna said...

Thanks Rand. The spam emails from me subsided, so I'm hoping that changing my password fixed it. But seems like these hackers are so sophisticated. I'm still worried. I did know about the city in India, Rand! There's also a series of books with my name.