Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Daiso Stuff

I went to Daiso yesterday to look for Cleta's sponge.  I never found the sponge, but I did come home with this.



Dd said... love love daiso....i wish they had all da food like in Japan

jalna said...

Dd, me toooooo!

Anonymous said...

i went to a huge daiso in hakata. I could only find 1 sponge. I think because the label says lime removal, it wasn't with kitchen cleaning but with bath and general cleaning. i even checked the downtown store here and no mo.
that daiso in Hakata was so huge, had all kinds of house furnishings, etc. it was only 1 floor. sure with i could have brought back some of the stuff.

Honolulu Aunty said...

I also went to Daiso to find Cleta"s sponge - the lady there said she saw it at the Daiso in Japan but they don't have it here. Even so, I bought a bunch of goodies. They had a lot of new stuff this week. Danger!

K and S said...


Chet Colson said...

I'd like to see what you buy at Daiso in Japan, if you were looking for a sponge.

jalna said...

V, ho, furnishings in Daiso!

Aunty, Cleta said that she went to the Pearl City Daiso and they were also out of the sponge. And, yah, she did buy a bunch of other goodies too.

Kat, looking at the photo I realize that I like to buy things in pairs. LOL.

Chet, Daiso is Danger.