Friday, July 22, 2022

Liliha Drive Inn

Liliha Drive Inn is at the corner of Liliha and Vineyard.  Wendell picked up dinner from there the other day.  Everything was ono.  

Mixed Plate (Hamburger Steak, Teri Steak and choice of Beef Stew, Beef Curry or Chili - $13.35)

Mini Katsu Curry ($8.95)

Regular Lau Lau Plate (Two lau lau - $13.75)



Honolulu Aunty said...

Eating there is even better because you get those butter rolls with the ono jammy butter. I think I had the fried chicken. So good!

jenny said...

Love their food when I just want some good ole plate lunch. Their plates are great and I love that they also have online ordering so we can just grab and go. All your food looks ono!

Anonymous said...

Omigosh they all look supah onolicious!


jalna said...

Aunty, I'll get the fried chicken next time!

Jenny, good size servings too.

Izsmom, I updated the blog with a menu and video.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Oh, wait now. I watched the Authentically Charles guy review (da buggah can eat!) and I made a mistake. Liliha Drive Inn is NOT Liliha Bakery - so no butter buns with guava/lilikoi jam. Still - looks really really ono!

And then I started watching his other reviews and saw so many other places I gotta try. Guileb Cafe in Kalihi, the prime rib cutlets from Costco, Singha Thai at the Ala Moana food court, poke bowl from Ahi and Vegetable. And then I had to STOP watching him eat because I wanted it all! He eats deliciously.

Anonymous said...

I gotta stop looking at your blog. I getting so momona!

jalna said...

Aunty, I meant to include the menu and video initially, but was rushing to create the post and got lazy. Landon likes to watch Authentically Charles.

V, LOL. I highly doubt that.

Anonymous said...

the place with da crab rangooonnnn ;-}

K and S said...

looks so ono!

Kay said...

This looks wonderful! We've never been there.

Chet Colson said... that's bang for the buck. I always drive by the Liliha Drive In and wonder if the food is okay. I guess because its across Mayor Wright Housing , I assume the place is sketchy. After seeing your pics and the video , got to give it try. Plate lunches are pricey now, so as long as they load it on. I'm fine with that.

Susan said...

Wow, that’s a lot of food for the price! Good to go when you have hungry males in the family.

jalna said...

Anon, yes! Was wondering if was good.

Kat, It was!

Chet, I agree.

Susan, LOL, yes.

jenny said...

I like laugh, your post made me hanker for it so I ordered from them this past weekend. I wanted my curry katsu and we grab the food and guess what I see when I got home? Regular katsu plate. NO CURRY and even worse, no katsu sauce, everything so dry. I didn't want to leave again just to grab some curry sauce but was just so disappointed. :(

jalna said...

Jenny, what a bummah! Wendell went back a couple days ago and got garlic chicken. Was good.