Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Almond Cookies

This strange recipe is originally from Wendell's sister Lois from a long time ago.  I actually couldn't find my copy of the recipe.  Luckily, Geri saved hers, and she even had some lye water to give me too.

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It's really easy putting all the ingredients together.  You just dump everything in. 
IMG_1401 2

I got this Fred Flinstone wooden spoon from Ross.  It came in a 3-pack of different sizes. Gripping it is way easier on my fingers than regular wooden spoons. 

The lye water gives the cookies a crispy-ish texture . . . kinda light and airy . . . not real dense. The guys liked it a lot, especially Wendell.  Next time though, I'm gonna try using less sugar.  Maybe even half the amount . . . 1 cup instead of 2.


Anonymous said...

almond cookies is my most favorite cookie!
Donna's (from Hilo) is my favorite but I don't think they use lye water because it doesn't have the "crunch."

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love cookies and yours looks delish! Never heard of lye water...

Anonymous said...

That looks good. Haven’t had almond cookies in a long time.


K and S said...

looks ono! didn’t know lye water did that for cookies

Susan said...

Nice! I think lye water is also used in making a Filipino dessert called kutchinta but it’s a soft dessert.

jalna said...

V, uuuuuuu, I like those cookies too.

Aunty, Didi said they're also used for bagels . . . . or was it pretzels?

Izsmom, me too until I bought from The Cookie Guy at the swap meet. And then that's what made me want to make some lye-water kine.

Kat, interesting yah.

Susan, gonna google that!