Thursday, July 7, 2022


My mom developed a scratchy throat and tested positive for COVID yesterday.   Her doctor prescribed Paxlovid.  Unfortunately, the pharmacy had a problem and wasn't able to fill the prescription.

According to my brother my mom had a restless night with bouts of coughing, coughing, coughing.  They gave her some NyQuil which quieted her a bit, and she was able to get some sleep.  Thanks Cy and Diem!!!   ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

This morning the pharmacy's problem was resolved, and I was able to pick up the Paxlovid.  

My brother texted us this afternoon and said that my mom was, according to her, "not 100%, but 100 times better than yesterday".  She said that the Paxlovid worked great.

What a relief!  

BTW, in case you're wondering . . . my mom is 88 years old and is fully vaccinated up to the second booster.

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K and S said...

hoping she feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Praying for her and a quick recovery and for continued protection for your family.


jalna said...

Kat, thanks. The gal at the doctor's office said that recovery happens in waves.

Izsmom, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear she's not feeling well but glad the medication is working so well. This past month, I think I know/heard of more people coming down with COVID than in the past 2 years! At least, everyone's symptoms seem to be fairly mild.

Susan said...

Prayers for your mom’s recovery.

Honolulu Aunty said...

When I tested positive for Covid months ago, I immediately started drinking tea made from Uhaloa, and I did not have respiratory issues. I was just achy and tired for one day, and then it was over.

I learned about Uhaloa from our mutual friend Cleta. She pointed it out in my unmowed lawn which I always assumed was a weed. Now that I know I try to keep it growing and multiplying. It is sparse now, and keikis have disappeared since I am trying to treasure it.

Kay said...

(Kay of Musings) I’m writing from my iPad so I don’t know if I’m going to come up as Anonymous.
My daughter returned to Chicago this past Sunday and is now positive with COVID. My son-in-law and granddaughter are negative. We are negative. I’m so sorry your mom caught it. Scary at 88 to get it, but she seems to have the same symptoms as my daughter. I do seem to see more people wearing masks these days in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Aww geez, so sorry to hear. That is frightening especially at her age. Hope she recovers and is fine. -N

DrumMajor said...

Whew! Glad she's mending. As you may have read, and as happened with Fauci, even being vaxxed with 4 shots, and taking the pills, sometimes a recurrence of symptoms happens. Take notes and ask her doc if that happens. Fauci is thinking the medication needs to be given for a longer number of days to avoid the recurrence of symptoms and retesting positive again. Linda in Kansas

Kalin's Mommy said...

OMG, thank goodness she recovered quickly! Mich

Get better ? said...

Similar situation for me.
But all is well now.
How is your mom and what does recovering in waves
Mean? That its continually up and down?

jalna said...

V, so true, lots of people I know have caught it.

Susan, thank you!

Aunty, wow, I never heard of it.

Kay, very scary at 88!

N, thank you!

Linda, thanks for the info. Didn't know.

Mich, ho, I know!

Get Better, when I mentioned to the gal at the doctor's office that my mom was already feeling better, she said that from her personal experience, you can feel better one day and the next you're back to feeling bad again.

Chet Colson said...

Prayers for your mom's healing and protection. Glad the pharmacy was able to resolve the Rx issue. I know so many people who's been infected by the virus. An army budding was on the ventilator for a month, thank god he recovered, had no long covid long haul issues. Some people make the argument that you still can get sick even if you were vaccinated, so don't take the shots because of side effects. My rebuttal is, yes you can still infected and sick, but the chances of going of hospitalization and going on a ventiiator his minimized. Friends who have been positive and vaccinated, said the symptoms were flu like symptom, not life threatening. Your mom will have stronger antibodies in her body.

jalna said...

Chet, thank you. I agree that being vaccinated probably minimized her reaction to the virus.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother but glad to hear the meds are working well. I hope she continues to feel better everyday and will be back to normal soon. Take care!

jalna said...

e, thank you. It was scary there for awhile.

Erick said...

She probably got BA. 5, vaccination and booster aren't effective against BA. 5.

jalna said...

Erick, bah!