Thursday, July 28, 2022

Swap Meet Stuff

We've been trying to get to the swap meet early so that we can leave before it gets too hot.  Otherwise, the heat from above and reflected off the asphalt is just too brutal. 

This is The Cookie Guy.  We always look forward to seeing him.  He bakes peanut butter, almond and oatmeal cookies himself.  One bag is $4.  Wendell enjoys them so much that it kinda got me into baking them too.

This puzzle was $1.  I can only complete it if I cheat and follow the solution on YouTube. 

This was $6.

These masks were 10/$3.  I had the bright idea that I would decorate them with fabric paint.  That's as far as I got . . . "bright idea".

I enjoyed reading this book written and drawn by then 17-year-old Christine Mari Inzer.  She's so funny.  It was $1.

This was $8.  

I have a weakness for things that help keep me organized.  This was $5.  I already have one just like it, but the seller is a really nice guy, and I wanted to give him some business.  I'm sure I'll make good use of it.

These were $1 each from various sellers.

These started at $3 each but were reduced to $2 each to entice me to buy.  It worked.


Anonymous said...

cookies, yes
pig snouts, nope! I still see them at Longs, and remember your posts, but nope! nope! nope! nope!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love your swap meet finds! But I have to stay away or I will buy too much stuff that I don't need and add to my already cluttered home.

Anonymous said...

You have good finds!


Anonymous said...

lol J, Famous last words, I'll make use or find some use. Which is why I now avoid Daiso. Those are such good deals though and you finding art specific stuff just amazing. N

Chet Colson said...

It's good to support the local vendors, find some nice deals.

jalna said...

V, LOL, you know this batch of snouts wasn't as good as usual.

Aunty, I know what you mean. When the gal with the cat bag lowered her price I said, "Oh no!"

Izsmom, it's fun looking too.

N, hey, Daiso is raising their price by 25 cents. That means it'll be $1 more for every 4 items. Bah!

Chet, for sure!

Susan said...

Great stuff! I’m going through stuff in my house and trying to get rid of things. We buy too many things we don’t have room for. : /

jalna said...

Susan, 😫

K and S said...

nice finds!

jalna said...

Kat, so un-Marie Kondo though!