Saturday, December 1, 2018

Yaki Imo

This was at the entrance of Times Kahala.  While I was waiting for Wendell to check out I saw a lady rush in, grab two bags and go straight to the check-out line. 

I asked her if it was good (uhhh, duh, she bought two bags), and she replied in a Japanese accent, "I like it." 

I'm thinking that next time I'm in the area I'll go buy some . . . and maybe some pastry from Bakery & Table . . . since . . . it's right there.


Leslie's pics said...

I always look at that when I go to Beretania....i never see anyone grab from it so I thought it would be junk. Let me know how it is!

Kalin's Mommy said...

They have this at Don Quixote Kaheka, it's so good.

Anonymous said...

I see at the Beretania Times, wondered if it tasted good. Might want to try, now that you wrote about someone buying it and liking it.


Anonymous said...

j: Japanese have a thing for sweet potatoes. Maybe it's like in how the tv shows the man going around with a cart selling fresh and hot sweet potatoes. My mom was also crazy about buying (not making it) it along with kuri. BTW at Bakery & Table I bought this kind of triangle looking open top croissant and it had half a pear and OMG it was so delish! The pear was HUGE and sooo good though I bought it thinking it was a peach LOL getting color blind! -N

Susan said...

I need to try to bake sweet potatoes instead of boil them. I love sweet potatoes!

Akiko said...

It IS good! ( I tried it)

Chet Colson said...

I see a Bakery and Table on Piikoi when I'm going home from surfing, may check it out one day, I'm intrigued

Anonymous said...

so close to your home! Did you notice if Bakery and Table has Christmas stollen? I'm dying to eat because Kat posted picture. I remember buying from Brug last year.

I go to En Hakore, a little coffee shop in the former Keeaumoku Market, now called Pal Pal or 88 supermarket. They have yaki imo!!! Taiyaki!!! and best of all, Korean Shave Ice (patbingsu)!!!!! The Pat bingsu is $11 but meant to share with at least another person, but I've eaten the whole thing as lunch for myself. Yaki imo and taiyaki is fresh and hot! Carbo overload: 1 yaki imo, 2 taiyaki, 1 patbingsu, lunch for 2!

jalna said...

Les, I've been hearing that it's real good!

Mich, I never noticed it there!

Izsmom, I actually saw another lady grab two bags too!

N, hooooo, that pear thing sounds so good!

Susan, I love them too.

Thanks Akiko. I am totally gonna try it soon.

Chet, I think you'll like it.

V, I didn't notice any stollen. Pat bingsu is my favorite shave ice. I can easily eat the whole thing!! I haven't been to that market in ages. Will check it out next time I go visit my old working place.

K and S said...

hope it is good!