Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sympathy Cards

Kinda sad, but it seems that I've been needing more sympathy cards lately than other types of cards.





Leslie's pics said...

so pretty though!!!

Cleta said...

Yes, sad subject but beautifully done cards!!!

Chet Colson said...

Same here.....only two things in life that's for sure; death and taxes

K and S said...

so sad, but these are really pretty.

Susan said...

Yes, me too, it’s sad. Your cards so serene. Love your different hand written messages.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards...did you make these? So talented.

It’s part of the circle of life, huh? The hardest ones to deal are the ones that die too soon or unexpectedly. May they all Rest In Peace.


jalna said...

Thanks Les.

Cleta, thank you.

Yup, Chet.

Kat, so sad.

Thank you, Susan.

Izsmom, so hard yah. Yes, I did make the cards.