Friday, December 21, 2018

Daiso Pearl City

My friend, N, went to Daiso and sent me these photos!!  I'd been wanting to see what the inside looks like. Thanks, N!!

Here's what she said:

Went to Daiso this afternoon about 3 pm-ish, short line in but to check out huge lines. It's a small store and certain sections were emptied out.  Everything is $1.50 and some things higher. It's just regular dollar store stuff that Don Q and Marukai have had. I think great for a college student cuz they can stock everything cheaply. Daiso had tons of Croc like shoes that I guess no one wants to buy and a small garden section.  I think I waited 15 minutes in line.




dishes etc



more plastic

office supp



Line to check out.
line to cashier

check out


Anonymous said...

We were in the area this past weekend and decided to stop by. We were able to find parking easily but when we got to the store, it was CRAZY. The line to get into the store snaked around like the lines at Disneyland! The man monitoring the line said it would be at least an hour wait. We went to Ben Franklin instead and left. Hope it won't be as crowded after the holidays. Thanks for the photos N. ~e

Anonymous said...

I hate crowds and long lines. I think I can wait. LOL


Kalin's Mommy said...

We tried to go Tuesday before bowling, line was still long, past Ben Franklin. Went right back upstairs to the bowling alley!

Susan said...

Hmm, I wonder if that will ever come here. We have a Goody store but I think everything is more like $2 and up.

Chet Colson said...

Next best to the Japan Daiso. Will wait till the novelty is over, then check the store out. Traffic in Pearl City and Aiea can be bad at times.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Great way to preview, thanks!

jalna said...

E, one hour wait!! Hope they continue to do well. Actually, hope they open up one closer to me.

Me too, Izsmom.

Mich, LOL!!

Chet, judging from the photos, I'm not sure it's worth the drive for me.

Aunty, I appreciate N sending the photos. I'd been wondering.

Leslie's pics said...

man that place must be a madhouse. I'm gonna wait a looooong time before going there!

K and S said...


Erick said...

Lots and lots of stuff. Have to go check it out.