Thursday, December 6, 2018

Disposable Fountain Pens

My mom wanted to check out the 30%-off Christmas gift bags at Fisher so after picking up her medicine from Tripler yesterday we went to Fisher's Mapunapuna branch.

I knew that these fountain pens were on sale at Fisher and I meant to look for them the day before when I was at the Kakaako store, but by the time I remembered about them my basket was pretty loaded and already contained over $50 worth of stuff. And so I decided that I really didn't need another fountain pen . . . even though these were COLORED fountain pens, and I didn't own any COLORED fountain pens.

It's funny when you're in the same store but it's a brand new day and you're empty handed and you haven't spent any $$$ yet . . . spending $5 something for three pens seems like such a small amount. So I got um.

I like the vibrant colors.

And the smoothness while writing.

Got all kine colors. Go. Buy. Good stocking stuffer.


Anonymous said...

what time were you there? I was there too around 11:30ish! I went to buy printer ink and saw the display for the gift bags so picked some up. Gee, I didn't look at the ads, but maybe I better go back today!

jalna said...

V, it was around 8:30ish. I love looking through Fisher's monthly flyer. I always wait impatiently for it to come out. My favorite stationery supplies all come from Japan, and when Fisher has them on sale they're usually cheaper or same price as buying um in Japan.

Leslie's pics said...

Mari Kondo....Mari Kondo...hahaha

jalna said...

Les! I know!!!!!! I keep forgetting!

Anonymous said...

j: Daiso: The store will open at the Pearl City Shopping Center on Wednesday Dec. 12.

A private program will begin at 10 a.m. and the doors will open to the public at 11 a.m. -N

Chet Colson said...

Went to Fishers after read your post.Bought 2019 table calendar, 30% off, nice.

Mark Shelby said...

When I was in Elementary school at Kahala in the 1960's I bought a fountain pen at Longs Drugs across the street. Because I learned in History Class that our Founding Fathers used Feathers and Fountain Pens for writing. But they had to keep dipping theirs. They did not have our new push button ink feeder pens. It was always fun reloading the ink pen. And getting ink all over my fingers.

I was the only kid in class that had one.

More Mark S. fun Hawaiian kine Memories! Thanks for reading!..... ; )

Susan said...

I never knew fountain pens came in disposables!

jalna said...

N, I'm looking forward! I wonder how crowded going be . . . I could pretend I'm in Tokyo.

Chet, I loooove Fisher sales.

Mark, you know what . . . I love getting inky fingers too!!

Susan, and so cheap. Only thing . . . gonna make too much rubbish when you throw away. But I guess all pens are like that.

Erick said...

The colors are so cool. I like fountain pens they glide on rough paper.