Monday, December 10, 2018

James Burke Washi Tape

I decided to stop hoarding my James Burke washi tapes and finally busted each out from their packaging.  

They're so pretty that after I got them I ended up not wanting to use them. 

I laid strips in my art journal as a keepsake and am now finally putting them to use. 


Susan said...

First time seeing that kind washi tape. I can see why you didn’t want to use it.

K and S said...

whenever I start using a new washi tape, I put a swatch of it in my journal too!

Erick said...

Those are so cool. Save em, no use em. Ha ha

jalna said...

Susan, they're good quality too.

Kat, I should've done it sooner.

Erick, you're no help. LOL!

Leslie's pics said...

ohmygawwwd those are ADORABLE!!!

jalna said...

Les, right??!!