Monday, July 16, 2018

My Awesome Sistahs

The other weekend me and da sistahs were on our way to Marukai when this symbol lit up on my dashboard. 

Normally I woulda totally panicked, but since it had happened once before, I knew that it just represented low tire pressure, and I only small-kine panicked. 

I figured that after shopping at Marukai, I'd take the sistahs back home and I'd go home so that Wendell could take care of putting air into the tires. 


Only thing . . . the sistahs didn't wanna go home. They wanted to check out the new Whole Foods in Kakaako. 

Me: Hellooooo!! I have a low-tire-pressure indicator thing on my dashboard, you know!
Sweetie: We can go to Lex Brodie. They have a station to pump air there.
Me: And how you gonna know how much pressure to put?
Sweetie: It's on your car door.
Me: What??
Geri: Come on, let's do it. It's easy.
Me: Waaaaaahhhh. Ooooookaaaaay then.

So they directed me to Lex Brodie, where Sweetie checked my door. Sure enough it said: Front tires: 32. Back tires: 33.

Then we go to a doomahichi thing that's attached to a pole.

There were no words on it. Only pikchas. Vague pikchas.

I dunno how, but Sweetie figured it out. 

And Geri did the filling. 

And then off we went to Whole Foods!


Anonymous said...

You are so blessed with helpful, loving sisters!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Hurray! Sisterhood rules!

Susan said...

You are truly blessed😇!

K and S said...

sisters are the best!

Mark Shelby said...


Luv ya!

Keep Going! ; )

... ; )

jalna said...

Izsmom, I am grateful every single day for my sisters!

Yessss, Aunty!

I agree, Susan.

Kat, they really are.

Mark, Girl Powah!

Leslie's pics said...

wait, what? is that on all cars? My tire pressure was low one day at the gym so me and Ryan (the kauai fried chicken guy) were trying to read my tires with my cellphone flashlight in the dark so he could fill my tires with his mobile air pump doo-hicky. Took me so frickin long to find it on the tire!!

Erick said...

You probably stopped at the adult proof air pump.

jalna said...

Les, I not sure. But boy did that Lex Brodie pump come in handy!

LOL, Erick.