Sunday, July 15, 2018

Kahai Street Kitchen

Wendell is so-da-bomb husband. He drove into town the other day to pick up dinner for us from Kahai Street Kitchen. As usual, Kahai got thumbs up from all three of us.

Sautéed Opakapaka  $13.95 
Opakapaka with lemon butter caper sauce and fire roasted tomato relish

Furikake Crusted Calamari Salad  $10.95 
Furikake Crusted Calamari Steak, deep fried golden brown, served with our house salad, wasabi aioli and Kabayaki drizzle garnished with ocean salad

Moiliili Mix $10.95
Pork Chop Katsu with stuffing and gravy, Garlic Chicken 


K and S said...

everything looks so good!

Chet Colson said...

Food look SO delicious. You're blessed to have Wendell and Landon, that loves food.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Gourmet food at plate lunch prices!!! Love their food. However, I always want to have it on Sunday and Monday - and they close on those days!

Susan said...

Da bomb husband did really good! I need to eat there one day!

Anonymous said...

You got yourself a great husband! Those dishes looking onolicious.


Erick said...

Wow you get awesome husband. I like go tomorrow.

Annie said...

I'm Hungary

jalna said...

Yah Kat . . . always.

I am Chet.

Aunty, and they have short hours on Saturdays too!

He did, Susan.

Izsmom, soooo onolicious.

Maybe Erick . . . but parking sucks.

Leslie's pics said...

wow they all looked delish! how come my husband no do that?

jalna said...

Les, you not useless like me das why.