Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wendell's Chex Mix with Animal Crackers

Wendell made some Oh So Dangerous Can't Stop Eating chex mix.  The recipe is from Hawaii Mom Blog and can be found here

Instead of pretzels he used animal crackers. He also added Fritos, Cheese-It crackers, Crispix and furikake.


Usually Bugles are my favorite thing in chex mixes, but in this one it's the animal crackers.  DSCF0494

Wendell got it at Sam's Club. He said it was around $7.


Anonymous said...

My whole family loves Chex mix. That looks so onolicious. I think I'll try to make it. Thanks for sharing!

jalna said...

Izsmom, so dangerous. I keep telling myself . . . last piece. Okay, this one is the last piece. For real, this one . . .

Chet Colson said...

Interesting combination,different twist,yum.

Kay said...

A friend of mine gave us the Chex Mix and I'm loving it right now. She puts different things in it every year, but she's never done animal crackers. Bugles are my favorite too, but so bad for me.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Oh, looks TOO yummy! I gotta try. Love the little kangaroo animal cracker.

So, does Wendell add the fritos into the mix before adding butter? What about the furikake - sprinkle on after, during, when?

I am addicted to party mix. Too bad fresh veggies don't make me excited.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about Chex Mix with animal crackers until I read your post. And then today's Star Advertiser had an article about it! (Snackers roar over furikake animal crackers")

Sounds dangerously yummy!

Happy New Year and congratulations on your retirement!

Susan said...

I love stuff I can't stop myself from almond roca! hehe

K and S said...

anything with butter & sugar has to be good!

Dd said... that correct....1 # of butter !! no wonder its so good.
you know what..... I love love love animal crackers ....
sometimes I buy that small "cage" box ;-}

jalna said...

I liiiiike it, Chet.

So bad yah, Kay.

Aunty, Wendell said fritos before butter and furikake after. But I'm thinking fritos might work better after. And yah, me too I wish fresh veggies would make me as excited.

Thanks Sunnyyellow! Happy New Year to you too! I wonder if Wendell saw the article . . . will ask him.

Oooooh, Susan . . . almond roca!!

Kat, so good!

Dd, they still sell the "cage" box!!!???

Leslie's pics said... I can't stop!!!! and those animal crackers are so cute!

Dd said...

I only find it at 711

jalna said...

So Danger yah, Les.

Dd, ah sooooo!