Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Nezu Shrine - Ueno

I'm sorry to say that unlike previous trips, I am sorely lacking in photos for this one. Maybe it was because this tour was much shorter than previous ones and more of a shopping/eating tour than a picturesque one. Or it could be that the crowds and long lines made it hard. Or maybe it was because Landon got sick for the last two days and we didn't go galavanting much after that. At any rate, I didn't even fill one memory card . . . I usually fill several. 

At least I got a few pictures from Nezu Shrine for you. Nezu Shrine is noted for bringing good luck and is devoted to the granting of impossible wishes. 


Attendants made sure that the crowd approached the shrine in an orderly manner. 

When you get to the front of the shrine you toss a coin, preferably one with a hole in it ( as usual, I wasn't paying attention when the tour guide explained why the hole), then you bow, bow, clap, clap, pray, and bow).

Food booths lined the path to the shrine. 




At least once in every trip that I've taken, they'll be someone who will scold me for taking pictures. On this trip it was this guy. 

There was a small flea market on the grounds! Hoo hoo!!

I got this knife for 2,000 yen. 

Another vendor had a pile of watches that he said were only 500 yen that just needed batteries. I picked up a cool-looking vintage Swatch watch, but the vendor quickly took it out of my hands and put it down near him. WTH, right?? I pointed to it and he said, "Da-me (no good)". I wanted to say, "Why da-me?" but didn't wanna piss him off. So I just got this Seiko watch instead.


Kay said...

Hi Jalna! You may not have gotten enough photos, but what you got is so great to see. I'm wondering why dame too.

K and S said...

oh no! hope Landon is feeling better...WTH with that watch vendor dude?!

Honolulu Aunty said...

So funny, the guy selling bananas with hats scolded you. Ha! The bananas were cute, though.

Flea market score! Too bad about the vintage looking watch. You picked out a good one that the vendor could see was of value.

Sometimes Japanese people can be ultra nice and polite, and sometimes they just aren't. Love your first picture of the red gates. Surprising there were no people in it for such a perfect shot.

jalna said...

Kay, the watch was missing the screw-on battery cover. While looking through the pile I found the cover and was attempting to screw it back onto the watch when the guy took it from me. I suspect that he was selling the watch for cheap because it was missing the cover, but because I found it, the watch had become more valuable than 500 yen.

Thanks Kat. Lan's still trying to recover.

I know, Aunty! I guess he didn't want anybody stealing his banana idea. It surprised me too that not too many people were at the gates.

Leslie's pics said...

you should've told him "YOU DAME!" ahahahahahaa

jalna said...

LOL, Les!!!

Susan said...

Your food pic of the grilled mochi reminded me that I wanted to try that but didn't see it in Osaka. Flea Market just for you!