Sunday, January 14, 2018


Before heading out to do some shopping on our free day in Ikebukuro, Landon and I stopped at Nakau for some breakfast. 

I didn't take this picture. It's actually a screenshot from Google Maps. So cool, yah. I always use Google Maps to go virtual exploring before a trip to try and familiarize myself with the area. It's usually up to date and pretty accurate.  nakau

There was a new-fangled ordering machine in the restaurant that Landon took to right away even though there was no English. And you know . . . young brain vs. old brain . . . I couldn't keep up with his tap, tapping and swipe, swiping of the screen. 

He ordered some kind of combination thing which worked out perfectly because I wasn't hungry at all . . .IMG_0497

so I ate the udon that came with it.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Automation at work! Good that you had Landon. I think I would have given up.

Susan said...

Haha, I finally got myself to try ikura recently...but only tried an uni paste my sister in law brought from Japan one time. I'll pass on these.

K and S said...

I use google maps to see the area I will be exploring too!

Anonymous said...



Leslie's pics said...

i still can't believe he ate that much uni. I think I'd have a sore stomach after that!

Kay said...

Oh wow! That’s a lot of food. I loved having ikura much cheaper in Japan. Yum. I need to go back just to have more.

Chet Colson said...

I bet your meal was quite reasonable.

jalna said...

Aunty, I probably would've figured it out, but woulda took me waaaay longer.

I'm with you, Susan.

Kat, soooo handy yah!!

Izsmom, it was fairly early in the morning and the people that were eating there seemed to be having a quick breakfast before going to work. Not too many eating places open that early, and Nakau is 24 hours so it's very convenient.

Les, the bowl wasn't too big, but yah seemed like lots of uni. He enjoyed it.

Kay, I need to go back too!

Chet, not real sure 'cause Landon paid, but I think you're right.

DNakamaru said...

But yup, that's a lot of uni

Dd said...

I remember asking my manager what is the first thing he eats when he goes home to Japan..........Tonkatsu !! He says everything is different, the pork, the panko, the oil ..

jalna said...

Dean, I can't bring myself to try uni, but my sisters love it.

Dd, do you know if he ever tried Menchanko Tei? Their tonkatsu is goooood. We should go one day. I wrote about it here: