Tuesday, January 9, 2018


On our second day in Japan we visited Kamakura. We saw snow-capped Mt. Fuji on the way.


Our first stop was Kotoku-in (Great Buddha). 

Then we headed to Komachi Dori. 

Not sure what Amish Cooking is, but it can be found in Kamakura!

This is what we snacked on instead. 

This was grilling outside of a restaurant. I think it was free samples to try. 




This is where me and Lan had lunch. 




I had the Seared Salmon and Unagi. Oishiiiii!!


Kalin's Mommy said...

I was wondering what you ate at the sushi bar! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love your pics. The Mt. Fuji one is so clear. The food looks so onolicious.


jalna said...

Mich, now I wish I ordered more.

Thanks Izsmom!

Honolulu Aunty said...

MMMMM! Seared salmon, ono ono ono!!!

Kay said...

Oh wow! We were in Kamakura too! And you got a great shot of Mt. Fuji. We didn't get a single good one.

Chet Colson said...

Sushi looks winnahs.Food in Japan so oishi.

Susan said...

That's what I miss about Japan, the readily available foods everywhere..just go out on the streets and buy and eat : ) I've never seen Mt. Fuji from afar. Beautiful!

jalna said...

Aunty, it was!!!

Kay, it's kinda ironic that on the day that the tour actually went to Mt. Fuji, it was totally overcast. It was clear on all the other days.

For real yah, Chet.

I miss it already too, Susan.

Anonymous said...

j: OMG I would just totally hang out at the mochi place the entire time, forget the walk abouts: 'you go do your tour, I'll wait for you at this mochi stand until then"....mochi heaven. Mochi for breakfast, lunch, snackies and dinner. I'm not a sushi eater and allergic so I'll just eat mochi, thank you very much. -N

K and S said...

I could be wrong but think Amish are a group of people near the US East Coast, they don’t use electricity and most modern items. We had lunch at one of their eateries when we went on an east coast tour.

Dd said...

Amish in Japan, really ?? Wow I had no idea they existed outside of USA. They do not believe in ANY modern technology...no electricity, no vehicles, other than horse driven carts...cooking is normally done over a fire, if at all, lots of canning and fresh fresh fruits and vegetables. Lots of folks travel to Amish counties in the US to purchase their hand made quilts I believe and their bottled veggies, jams, jellies...oh and they are known for their fire baked breads as well....short lesson ;-}

jalna said...

LOL, N . . . I could totally hang with you there too!

Kat, no electricity??!!!!

I was surprised too, Dd. I remember those "chain letter" breads . . . LOL. Were they Amish?

Annie said...

Jalna! I've been having the best time reading your blog esp your travels to Japan!! All your pics are pretty awesome. I like the pics of FOOD!!! Btw, I have the watches but I don't know where I put them now that I started cleaning my clutter. I'm so not like my mom, if you can still remember how organized she was!

jalna said...

Thanks Annie!! Don't worry about the watches, especially if they're in good shape. I only like bust-up kine. And talk about cleaning up clutter! I got a new camera, and there's a part I need to retrieve from the box, but I can't find the box! It's not a small box either. It's driving me crazy!

Leslie's pics said...

oh oh oh!!! does that mean you'll go sushi bar with me?!?!

Mokihana said...

I love all the totoro!!!!