Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dream (Vietnam) - 02/02/1991

I am a woman living in a remote village in Vietnam. My sister comes and leaves her baby with me. She says that she has to go and find her husband who is off fighting somewhere. She is gone a long time, and I feel really sad because I don't know what happened to her.



Anonymous said...

You could be an illustrator for books as well as a writer. Your dreams are vivid.


Dd said...



how creative was that !! ahem..... ;-{

jalna said...

Awww, thanks, Izsmom!

LOL!! And you got the Culinary Skills, Dd!!

Anonymous said...

Jalna, I love these pictures of your dreams! I second Izsmom!

alibaba37 said...

This would be a beautiful new mother card or mother's day card. Gorgeous Jalna.

Leslie's pics said...

you really should write a book! You can illustrate it yourself too :)

Chet Colson said...

Thanks Jalna.Im a Vietnam era vet.Though a dream, war is hell.Agree, wonderful artist u r.

Susan said...

Wow, that is a great piece of art! Can I ask about the date?

Anonymous said...

j: oh man DD just laid it out cuz I'm thinking how is J doing all this when she just started a few weeks ago. DD: are you sure she's human???? -N

Mark Shelby said...

I'm Loving these Jalna! Keep going!

And now next top your restaurant, craft store, and thrift need your very own Art Gallery! ; )

Pretty soon you will have your own mini shopping mall with food court! ; )

K and S said...

amazing it!

jalna said...

Thank you, V!!

Good idea, Alibaba. I actually painted two others that didn't make the cut. Maybe I'll dig them outta the trash and turn them into cards!

Hahaha, Les . . . too bad I'm lazy.

Actually, Chet, my dad served two deployments to Vietnam and developed cancer from Agent Orange. Thank you for your kind words.

Susan, the date in the title is the date of the dream!

N, I just keep trying and trying. The picture for today's post is my third try. I wasn't really happy with the other two.

Hahahaha, Mark!

Glad you're enjoying it, Kat!

celia said...

I am loving your water colors and reading your dreams. Please continue painting your dreams. You are very gifted: with your heart for others, with your writing, with your water colors, with your ability to change up things you have gotten from swap meets, and with your photography to name a few!!!

jalna said...

Celia, thank you for your kind comments. I know of your and your son's artistic talents and am humbled.