Tuesday, June 27, 2017

McDonalds Smoothie $2 Sale

"McDonalds Strawberry Smoothies for $2." That's what I heard while walking past the TV one day last week. 2 bucks! So cheap. Wendell said if I go, he'd take a Chocolate Chip Frappé which was also on sale.

I told myself that I should go to the drive-through on my way home from the swap meet the upcoming weekend. One drink for me, one drink for Wendell . . . only two items . . . should be a breeze.  See here if you don't know about my drive-through phobia. 

So, driving on the way home a few days ago, I remembered! Strawberry smoothie! Hoo hoo! 

I pulled into the shopping center and slowly approached McDonalds. Only two cars ahead of me; none behind me. Anxiety level: very minimal.

I drove through and totally aced it! No pressure. No stuttering. I even joked a little with the talking box thing about my husband wanting this Chocolate Chip "something". "Hahahaha!" The box thing knew exactly what I was talking about.

I bragged when I got home.

Me:  Wendell, I got your Chocolate Chip Frappé.

Wendell:  Ooooh, thanks. But . . . is that a large?

Me: Yah, why?

Wendell:  Was the large on sale too?

Me: Huh? Oh My Gawd!

No, it wasn't on sale . . . only the small size was. I had totally forgotten that the reason I wanted to get the drinks was to take advantage of the $2 sale! 

I hadn't even realized that I paid over $7 for the two drinks. So Babooze! 


Susan said...

Aiyaiyai, I know you so well! I started laughing when I read the words "drive-through"!😂

jalna said...

Susan, if I could play music on my post, I would have "dun dun dunnnnnnnnn" every time "drive-through" appears.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Beware of sales! and drive-throughs.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You are too funny! I get distracted like that, caught up with something else and totally forgetting about the main thing.


Leslie's pics said...

ohmygooooooodness!!! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

j: I knew I'd be in for a laugh when I saw drive-thru too. There should be a youtube video on you "J vs. Her Nemesis, The Notorious Drive Through"

jalna said...

LOL, Aunty!

I do it all the time, Izsmom.

Yup, Les.

N, the worse thing is I couldn't even finish the drink . . . it was too LARGE. Hahaha.

K and S said...


Anonymous said...

download the mcdonalds app if u have a smart phone. between 2-5pm, u can get a free small or medium mccafe. after u get 5 free ones, u can get another free one, any size!

Erick said...

Ha ha, that's how they get you. Put the small on sale and when you order they give you large. Sneaky McD.

jalna said...

My bad, Kat.

That's awesome, Anon.

But Erick . . . I'm the one that said, "Large".

DNakamaru said...

Hahaha I've done that too

Dd said...

ahahahah.....don't go get the Lobster Sandwich at McDonalds ($9.99!) who knows what you might end up with $$$$ ;-O

jalna said...

You have, Dean?! Yay!

Wait Dd . . . they have a Lobster Sandwich?

Kay said...

Ouch! But I'll bet he liked every sip.

mmiissee said...

OMG! its okay though Jalna....sometimes I dont realize that something was wrong until I drive away.