Sunday, June 25, 2017

Gucci Watch

It's still fun to find these "high-end" watches at the swap meet, but I don't get excited like how I used to. I know now that the previous owners probably knew that they weren't authentic, and that's why the watches ended up at the swap meet for $1.

The latest addition to my Fake Watch Collection is this Gucci watch. It's joining my Chopard and my Franck Muller watches.

Gucci watches are made in Switzerland, not in Paris.

Nice Japan movement . . . but . . . Japan is not Switzerland. 

I found the photos below online. No wonda I got myself three Genuine Fake Watches already. 

There also seems to be a problem with superfakes recently where the product is so well made that even the brand makers themselves have trouble telling. 




K and S said...

wow! interesting.

Honolulu Aunty said...

LOL1 Real fake watches. Me, I don't care if it is fake or not so long as it looks good.

Kay said...

How funny! There were genuine fake everything in Turkey too. A watch made in Paris sounds rather good too actually.

jalna said...

I know, Kat! It seems that there are now good quality fakes around.

Aunty, I only started wearing watches again lately.

Kay, I'm so surprised to even find websites that advertise "replicas".

Susan said...

We learned some things about fake watches in the Philippines. The vendors know which ones are made cheaply and which ones are made with better quality materials and are called replicas. If you haggle long enough you will find this out. If you don't haggle (don't throw tomatoes at me for haggling😯) you'll be had. The vendor has a "last price" for these replicas and will not go any lower so if you want better quality "fakes", go this route. When you buy fakes you really take a chance. Sometimes it'll last and sometimes give it a day or two, haha. I quit, no more fakes for me...and no, I don't buy high end either, but I do believe in quality.

mmiissee said...

OMG...just straight up "Fake" watches...and people would come.

jalna said...

Ho Susan, that sucks if they last one or two days only!

I know Mmiissee! How can they advertise like that? It's supposed to be illegal.

Annie said...

Jalna! I got a bunch of vintage watches you wanna loOK?
Lmk. Mb I caneed meet you at the egg line?

jalna said...

Hey Annie! Sure! Maybe you can email me when you're gonna be there next.

Erick said...

Ha ha, are the fake fake watches cheaper? I wonder how they make money, the watch look pretty good.

jalna said...

Too funny, Erick!