Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why You Should Go To Rummage Sales and Taro Ko Chip Winnah

There was a really cool rummage sale yesterday at a school near my house. It started at 7:00 am. I got there at 7:30 am. I got excited when I learned that mostly everything was selling for only $1. I ended up getting 18 items, all $1 each.  Here are a few.

I'm gonna give this backpack to my coworker Meren. He has choke kids. All boys except for one girl. Cool backpack right? It looks brand new too. 

This Roxy backpack I got for Meren's daughter. This one looks slightly used, but still in good shape to me.  

This is a still-got-tag-on tote bag from Australia. 

These are all insulated bags. They all look new and unused. $1!!!! I can put stuff in um to give to people and say, "You can keep the bag."

Look how cute this cow costume is. I'm giving it to Leslie who loves all cow things.

And look at this Sriracha costume!!  You can borrow it anytime. Let me know.  

Which brings us to the winnah of the Taro Ko chips . . . Harri!!!!! I bet you no can believe! Me too!! Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

j: good stuff you find. There's always choke yard sales on weekends in Mililani but I've not gone to one...I scared I'm gonna go crazy and buy all kinds of stuff. You're so generous by buying stuff for other people. -N

jalna said...

Oh N!! You should go to the sales! And if you give the stuff away, then you won't be hoarding . . . no?

K and S said...

wow all kind finds! so fun!

Randism said...

you always find the best stuff ;-)

jalna said...

It's sooo good fun, Kat!

LOL, thanks, Rand!!

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! The costume is so...very... red hot?

jalna said...

LOL, I think it is, Akemi!

Leslie's pics said...

i looooove my cow costume! It fits me perfectly!! hahahhaaaaa!!

Susan said...

Great stuff ! I got a good laugh with that Sriracha costume lol. I bet if I wore that a couple weeks ago to work I'd be the talk of the whole school !!

jalna said...

It's sooooooo you, Les!!!!

Susan, I had to get that Sriracha costume, right!!

Anonymous said...

..if you find one of the 'flappy guy', then ill buy it! Connor gets a kick out of thoes things. CQ

jalna said...

CQ, I googled "flappy guy" and I still dunno what that is.

Kay said...

Oh wow!!! You go to the most awesome sales. I've only been to the Richardson sale which was so so.