Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Karaage Iidako, etc.

We got this from Chef Zone . . . Karaage Baby Tako.  Interesting, yah. 


 It was kinda expensive . . . $23.47.

Wendell fried up a few last night.

It was good but a little bland to me.  I added a little bit of salt.

This is also from Chef Zone. Landon says it's the best imitation crab stick. It was $4.07. To be honest, I can't tell the difference. Landon said there is no comparison.

This isn't from Chef Zone.  It's from Chinatown.  It's so good, Wendell said he doesn't think he'll ever get tired of it. It's $4.50.

I just bought these grapes from Safeway the other day. They're big, but not really as huge as they appear in this photo. They are, however, crunchy and sweet and the best grapes ever. I think they were $3.99/pound . . . kinda expensive, but worth it to me. 


Leslie's pics said...

oooh i like try those karaage tako! I'm taking my sister on Saturday and Karie would like the pork skins too. And you lied about the grapes. The ones you brought to work are BIGGER!!

Anonymous said...

j: went to Chef Zone finally. Hoo dat chill freezer is freezing!! I think I lasted less than 10 mins. even w/ the thick jacket...my hands were freezing. What I saw super cheap was discounted rib steaks at only $14 for like over 5 lbs. The prob was it's the kine the butcher/chef cuts up and never know if it required some skills and I no have space for dat much meat. I don't even have a cutting board that huge. Everything was little too much like COSTCO...but I bought cheap sweet onions ($2.39 5 lb) and Haas avocado ($3.49 for 4). I did go nuts over the plastic bins for food storage...if ever I get a new refrig I going fill 'em up with dat, more easy to see and organized.-N

jalna said...

Les, I like buy some more grapes!

N, so freezin' yah! And shucks, I shoulda bought some avocados the last time I went . . . I forgot.

Mark Shelby said...

I have tried the imitation crab in my homemade saimin and I think it's fine. Plus! I'm not paying $15 to $25 bucks a pound for Alaskan King crab! Remember the good old days when you could actually afford the best seafood?

Lately I have been watching several of the new Hawaii fishing shows. I really like that new Hawaii Kayak fishing show! And now I wish I had taken more interest in catching my own when I was growing up on Oahu.

K and S said...

all kind of nice finds:)

jalna said...

Mark, I've seen previews of that kayak fishing show but haven't watched it yet.

Thanks Kat.

Dd said...

ooooo....baby tako...good on da grill !!!

Anonymous said...

Because of this post, I bought some of those giant grapes from safeway. They were absolutely the WORST grapes I have ever eaten. They had absolutely no taste at all! Even sour would have been better! I tasted a grape from the different bunches in the box and they were all really bad. I chucked them, and now think I should have thrown them into a smoothie, because they did look good.
P says i'm being sour grapes :P BLEECH!
P.S. See, I'm still looking everyday even though you on break!

jalna said...

LOL. Sorry V, I guess not funny . . . but cannot help . . . your honest response makes me laugh. I looooooved the grapes; I probably no more da kine good palate. BTW, no need check everyday . . . I think I'm gonna be gone for awhile.