Friday, November 20, 2015

Revenge Parking

Awhile back me and Wendell were looking for parking in a rather full lot at Sam's Club. We noticed an open space and rushed to it. Only thing . . . somebody had just pulled into the stall right next to it and was encroaching so much into the empty stall that we couldn't fit. The driver was just getting out of his car so I rolled down my window and said, "Scuse me.  Could you park your car better so that we can get into that space?"  Do you know what he did? He looked at me, turned around, and proceeded to walk to the store. !!!!!  What an (see below)!!!!!

No, this is not my artwork. I wish I had the guts. I'm glad that some other people do though.















This is my favorite.  The orange pack is a condom.

Thanks for sharing, Ross!


Anonymous said...

I drive a very small car and can squeeze in most places when someone overshoots the line. I especially like it when I can get up right next to their door and someone on their other side is also parked close to so they can't get into their car! I have vinyl side panels so denting is not really a problem, however, one day, I'm pretty sure this guy who I block in spat on my car. I will bring some of my dog's poop one day and smear it somewhere on this guy's car (preferably his door handle) because yes, it was in my building's garage and I see his car all the time! Just waiting for the right time. Bwahahaha.

jalna said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You go, Anon!!

Anonymous said...

J: ohh there are some really bad parking lots...the first is Nijiya Ala Moana...there's always at least one car parked all crooked, no ken help cuz their markings are really narrow. The next one is Sam's in Pearl City, that's where I dented my rear panel (which got fixed when someone slammed into my parked truck) - I've always hated it as my old job I had to always buy stuff there. Hated it so much I gave up my membership and went COSTCO. That guy was rude though, he's lucky you didn't key his car...I think a-holes like him are getting quite common -N

jalna said...

Oooh N, there were many times that I drove into that Nijiya parking lot and then drove right out.

DNakamaru said...

plenty a$$holes in the world - so sad

Great pictures tho - so funny

Honolulu Aunty said...

I am getting to the stage in my life when I really don't like driving, and especially don't like parking.

The other day I had to do an errand at Times Kaimuki and planned to pop in and then out. However, the parking lot was quite crowded and I was behind a truck that seemed to like to honk at people. Granted, the Times parking is very challenging (nice way to say it is stupid) with limiting options. Along comes a real old man driving his Toyota Camry and entering where he isn't supposed to, so as he tries to turn, the mean honking truck driver honks at him and starts yelling at him. Then, instead of letting the poor old man go, he pulls forward and blocks the old man's way because he sees a potential parking stall opening up. I stick my head out and tell him to let the grandpa go but he just ignores me and keeps telling the guy that he is going the wrong way. Poor old guy is getting even more flustered and about to really make a big mistake in the stupid parking lot.

Finally, he is able to back up (almost hitting a car) and then go forward (almost hitting me, but I figure he has the car angels on his side and I have to follow him as we are both still needing parking.
Hallelujah there is a really good easy parking that is about to be free and the old man almost gets it but then another guy starts honking and yelling at him as he is reversing in and so he gives up.

I couldn't take it after that and decided to leave without doing my errand. Too upsetting. Old people really shouldn't be driving but if they are, we should treat them as if they were our own old aunties, uncles or grandparents.

Poor old man. I sure hope he found a nice parking that day and every day after.

Mark Shelby said...

I remember in the good old days of Honolulu in the 1970's, if you took up two spaces to save a door ding. The Punks would key your paint job from front to back!

jalna said...

The pictures made me laugh, Dean.

Oh, poor old man. At least you tried to help a little, Aunty. Witnessing that woulda ruined my day too.

I do believe Mr. Rude Guy woulda deserved it, Mark.

Mark Shelby said...

Or at least very flat tires! ; )

Leslie's pics said...

Ho man! I wish I had the balls to do stuff like that!! My luck the driver would come back while i was in the act!

K and S said...

sad how selfish/self centered some people are....karma

jalna said...

Yeah, Mark!

Les, one time I was just taking a picture of a car that was across the line, and I was nervous that the driver would see me. How chicken is that?!

I know yah, Kat!

Mokihana said...

Wow.. aloha no more, right?

Love the rest of the photos!

Dd said...

hahahhah....I love love the one with the shadow of the guy taking the pikcha ...

jalna said...

You're right Moki . . . no more.

LOL. Yah, that's a funny one, Dd.

Erick said...

Too funny!

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! This is so funny! I wish I had the guts to do something somewhat similar too.