Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Very Cool Project

Guess what you can do with a 20-inch zipper, a 20-inch length of ribbon . . . 


and some liquid stitch glue?

Once the glue is all dried, you zip it up . . . 

and it becomes a nifty triangle pouch. Veeery cool, hah? Instructions can be found here. You're supposed to hand sew, but because I'm lazy I used the adhesive glue instead.

Bobbi Ayn, thanks for turning me on to this project! That was fun . . . and veeeeery challenging!IMG_8399

Off subject, but . . .  this is what you can do to protect your still-sharp favorite scissors from the men in your house.


Linda said...

Beautiful and very creative. :)

Erick said...

So cute.

K and S said...

I've seen bags like that here! cool!

jalna said...

Thank you, Linda.

I agree, Erick!

Kat, I marvel at the person who invented this.

Dd said...

huh ?? what the .... so so neat !!!

jalna said...

Cool, yah, Dd!

celia said...

Wow, that is cool!!! I like your choice of ribbon. You are very creative Jalna!!!

Mark Shelby said...

Awesome again! You know what I tink Jalna! ; )

Time to start your Restaurant/Sewing teaching establishment! ; )

Everyone can grind while learning to sew really kewl stuffs!

Or jus eat....or jus sew!

jalna said...

Thanks Celia!

You totally crack me up, Mark.

mmiissee said...

Cool idea. There's always something you can make from a bag. Nothing goes to waste.

Kay said...

I love your scissors protectors!!!

You do come up with the absolute coolest projects!

I can't even get my motivation up to shorten my new capris. Sigh.

jalna said...

Thanks Mmiissee!

Actually, Kay, I'm pretty surprised that my sewing interest is still going strong. My hobbies don't usually last long.