Sunday, June 8, 2014


I bought this at the swap meet. It was $1.  There are no instructions. The piece with the two wooden balls, two rings and chain can slide in the space between the two bars of the base.  The balls cannot fit through the space.  I've been trying to separate the ball/ring piece from the base.  Wendell said it's not possible. What do you think?



Dd said...

Am certain Charles can figure it out.....quickly....

jalna said...

K, I gonna give it to him den.

Mark Shelby said...

If can......can!

If no can......No can!!

Looks like no can!


Mark Shelby said...

You might have to go back to the swap meet and sell that to some other unsuspecting customer so you can pay for your gas and time!

Are those shiny kukui nuts?

This is hilarious!


jalna said...

Hahahahaha!! I know, Mark . . . looks like no can. So maybe it's not a puzzle and it's actually a key holder. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

J: Man, when my avocados are really you are getting a whole bunch from me fer sure.

I made an effort to go to Keeamoku Mkt. No kidding the parking is OMG I need to be an Indy driver to fit.

As mentioned I have a long cab truck I inherited that I can barely park and have hit so many things reversing. My parking was questionable at best w/ my sedans, now it's just up the creek. I got long yellow paint scratch marks to prove it.

Anyway I went in and at the entrance realized WTH don't think I can get out once in. So I immediately reversed out (almost hitting a crazy homeless woman) and and and....reversed right into a street parking stall. Fo' real. I look in my mirror and go EUREKA there's a parking meter right hea.

I gladly paid .25 cents to find an EZ stall. And OMG OMG again that place is exactly like you said except moe bettah.

Japanese kuri mada .69-cents, won bok da same and this is to die for: .79-c green onions. I went to da Farm. Mkt and was $1. They even have Tokyo neri, but Farm. Mkt moe cheap at $3 vs. their $3.99.

I am shame but I took pixs all over to share on my FB. Oh da noodles...I thought the Japnse had the market on noodles, Koreans got us beat. And the ice creams - ack they all look so delish but I don't go straight home. I also wanted to try the Korean bakery products cuz they look so French-y but I gotta control myself. Sweet potato chips for mom was .25-c ea and of course the kuri was still .79-c.

I got 2 big bags of grocery for under $6, baby! Yeah!

I was so awed I kept going on and on at the cashier about how totally awesome they are. I felt exactly like how I do in the Coach Outlet. Heart pounding, hand sweaty, eyes all glazed. Really it's a clean awesome store.

I wanted to go to the Ramen place but again gotta be on the road before 3 pm so had to pass. Maybe *one day* when I don't have so much town shopping to do....Ninjiya, Marukai, Sun Noodles, etc.

Big hugs and thanks, girl, you da bombz. -N

mmiissee said...

Looks complicated.

jalna said...

N, you had me totally cracking up . . . from when you unintentionally ended up in a parking stall all da way to your glazed eyes. Hahahahaha!!

Mmiissee, more hard now 'cause I think I'm missing a piece.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Maybe it isn't supposed to be taken apart and it is a Portagee wind chime that don't chime?

Or maybe one fancy potato masher?

Good luck, at least was only $1, ha ha ha ha!


jalna said...

Aunty, I got um in the Goodwill box already. I think missing one piece. LOL!