Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Me and Drive-Throughs

This past Sunday we decided to have hamburgers for dinner.  Wendell was busy working on a project at home so I told him that I would go pick up the food.  Now, normally when you go to McDonald's, especially if you’re bringing the food home to eat, you just go through the drive-through, right?  Convenient, right?  Right.  Except . . .  I have a small-kine problem . . . I totally pressure out talking to the speaker box thing. Therefore, I have to make sure that BEFORE I actually drive up to it, I have to know EXACTLY what I need to order. 

Before leaving the house, I went online to check out the McDonald's menu.  Two Angus hamburgers with bacon and cheese, one for Wendell and one for Landon, a double cheeseburger for Aunty and a cheeseburger for me.  Two large fries and two small fries.  Okay, I was all set.  I got into my car and off I went.

As I neared the drive-through, I was surprised to see that there were no other cars ahead of me.  I went directly to the ordering board.  While I waited for the speaker box thing to come to life, I glanced up at the menu.  I couldn't believe the words that appeared before me.  One word in particular stood out . . . WHOPPER.

It was almost simultaneous . . . I heard, "Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order?" just as I realized that I was NOT AT McDonald's.  O-M-G.

My words came slowly . . . "Um . . . yes . . . can .  .  . I . . . have . . . your . . .  um . . . let's . . . see . . . I'd . . . like . . .  I quickly scanned the board looking for words like HAMBURGER and BACON and CHEESE but only got confused with words like DOUBLE STACKER and VALUE MEAL and CHEDDAR STUFFED.  "I . . . would . . . like . . . I  . . . would  . . . "  I finally let out a big sigh and brought my stuttering to an end.  I admitted to the box, "You know what, I'm sorry.  I don't want anything. I'm at the wrong place."  The box was silent.  I drove forward. 

The girl at the window spared me the embarrassment of having to talk to her.  She faced her back to me as I drove by. Thank God!  I pulled out and exited the lot.  I drove a block further down and entered the McDonald's drive-through.

There was a line.  But that was okay, because this time as I pulled up to the speaker box, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I placed my order.  I inched the car forward as the line moved slowly.  I felt relieved . . . until I realized . . .



Susan said...

You're too funny!

Unknown said...

forgetting to order the fries is not as bad as ordering them and THEY forget to put them in!!!!

Anonymous said...

....have no fear; its just Gods way of telling you to eat more healthy :)

Kalin's Mommy said...


Erick said...

Too funny! I like Burger King more than McDonalds.

K and S said...

lol OMG you so funny :)

DNakamaru said...

You're soooo funny!
Thanks for sharing that!

Dd said...

OMG....made me laugh so hard, I was crying already !!

jalna said...

Hahaha, unfortunately Susan, it's all true.

I knooow Vicki. I hate when that happens.

I think you're probably right, Anon.

Mich, I so babooze yah!

Erick, if I could think fast we woulda had some Whoppers, but nooooooooo.

Kat, in retrospect it's funny to me, but at that time I was so stressing. I can't believe one box can do that to me.

LOL, thanks Dean!

Hahaha, glad you liked the story, Didi!!

waibu said...

I was thinking about you today when I was gonna get saimin at McD's drive thru since I was not feeling well but then in my delirium I drove straight home. Btw, I had time to read some of your previous posts, my favs are the food ones, but I did read a random one about when you flushed your panties down the toilet and had to tell your father in law why da toilet was flooded...I laughed so hard I had to walk away from the computer...then had to drink water and lie down until I recovered. That was pretty funny.

Les said...

ho so many words...but sooo funny! you crack me up!

jalna said...

I TOLD THAT STORY, WAIBU!?! I don't remember sharing it. That was sooooo embarrassing. I considered lying to him, but was afraid the plumber was gonna snag the panty and then show it to my father in law and say, "Aha! Here's the culprit!"

Les, I was wondering if you were gonna make it through the whole thing. LOL!!

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! You're so cute!