Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Damn Rabbit Update

Knock on wood . . . so far, so good.  Perhaps the greatest deterrent is Kona the Watchdog.  When we're in the yard he patrols the fence, walking back and forth.  I like that 'cause he's probably leaving his scent there. 

And then too, guess what the neighbors did.  They built a two-tiered shelf thing along the fence and put pots of plants on um to block Damn Rabbit.

And the plants on the bottom have pokey thorns on um.

Here's Damn Rabbit checking out the obstacles.

Cannot get through, so now he gotta eat the stuff on his side of the fence.  Yee Haawwwww!!

Still Kona is gonna keep vigil for me when he can.  Good boy!!


:) josefina :) said...

I love Kona. He looks like such a good boy!

Erick said...

Good guard dog!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if your neighbors read your blog and recognized the rabbit?

jalna said...

He IS such a good boy, Jos!

Except he's a scaredy cat, Erick.

Anon, I thought about that too, but decided that nah, I doubt they read my measly blog.

Les said...

Maybe the rabbit is scared of Kona cause he looks so vicious...

K and S said...

kona on the job :)

jalna said...

Hey, he does growl once in a while, Les!

:) Kat.

Dd said...

can you spell "C A G E " ???

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm your your neighbor and owner of Damn Rabbit, we call him Wendell after your husband cause seemed like nice guy. Sorry Wendell is eating your plants. We see you put up barriers, us too. Wendell is a rescue bunny.
Today Wendell told me Kona makes him nervous when he gives him his doggie stink eye through the fence.

We will be chaining Wendell up so he won't go into your yard anymore. Peace out.

jalna said...

Nah, no need CAGE, Didi.

Hey Anon neighbor. No need chain up Damn Rabbit. Our barriers are working good. I hope you named your other rabbit Jalna. Sorry about Kona's stink eye . . . he's just doing it for me. Again . . . so sorry.

Nippon Nin said...

Perhaps I told you this before but Kona is one gorgeous dog. I love him.

jalna said...

Awwww . . . thanks Akemi!