Friday, April 5, 2013

Bunny in the Yard

It's kinda shocking to look out of your window and see a bunny in your yard, but that's what happened yesterday morning.  I caught him and returned him to our neighbor.

Guess who appeared again today.  I think he likes our grass.

Luckily we have a gated fence that separates the back yard so I was able to keep Kona away from the bunny.

After some coaxing, I was able to lead the bunny to the fence and was relieved when he went back into his own yard, and thus revealed his access to me.

This is what I did to block the puka.  Hope it works.  I mean, he's cute and all, but I don't like the rabbit dodo in the  yard.


K and S said...

there is an easter bunny :)

jalna said...

That's exactly what I think when I look at the bunny, Kat.

Leslie's pics said...

so cute!! Kona needs a playmate...I wonder if they would get along.

jalna said...

See the following post called Damn Rabbit, Les.