Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colin's First Birthday

We had a small-kine celebration today for Colin's 1st Birthday.  So fast yeah!!  The food theme was Kushiyaki (skewer grilled) food.  Hoo hoo!!!  Soooo ono!!  Wait till you see da food!

My brother Cy, his wife Diem and Colin.

Didi greeting Colin.  All of my sisters are great cooks, but with Didi it's a passion.

Colin playing with Uncle Glenn's face.

My sisters Didi, Geri and Leigh (we call her Sweetie).

The grillers Cy, Glenn and my son Landon.  Wendell played in a softball tournament today and didn't come home until around 3ish.

My first beanie model!!

Sweetie made a musubi assortment including yaki musubi.

Here's the start of the kushiyaki.  I have to ask my sisters for the recipe if you want um.  Let me know which one if you're interested.

Chicken Tsukune.   Didi actually fried these on a grill pan instead of putting them on the hibachi.

Gyutan (tongue)

Teriyaki Meat.  Geri bought sukiyaki meat and marinated.

Kim Chee Pork

Baby Tako

Yaki Tomorokoshi Corn

Bacon-wrapped Shrimp.   I marinated them in French dressing.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus.  I drizzled lemon-flavored olive oil on it.

Arabiki Sausage.  I loved the snap as you bite into it!


OkiHwn said...

Just bought baby tako today at Marukai...looks like a great way to cook them!

OkiHwn said...

Oh, and by the way what a fantastic spread!

K and S said...

whoo that is a lot of food! happy 1st birthday colin!!

Erick said...

Oooh, the kushitaki looks so ONO. I Jellos. Looks like everyone had a great time.

jalna said...

Nate, the tako was ono. Didi said that she had a hard time finding um. Maybe she did end up going to Marukai. Hard for her 'cause she no drive. The spread was HUGE and made huger because most of the young-uns were missing today. We had so much leftover.

Had choke food Kat!

Maybe we can meet at da ala cart again soon Eric.

OkiHwn said...

Marukai also had baby ika, should have bought some of that too.

renee said...

The food looks delish!! Could you please post the recipes for all the dishes? Thanks a bunch!!

SW said...

ho! the food looks good! WOW!! btw..I had never imagined your first live model for the beanie would be a dog..ha! ha! ha! ha!

jalna said...

Baby ika Nate!! Interesting!

Hey Renee. I'll ask my sisters and see what I can come up with.

I know Shun Wah . . . a dog!! Hahaha.

Mano said...

everything looks so ono Jalna!

jalna said...

Mano, I thought it was one of the best spreads we've ever had!

Les said...

Didi you're my idol!! I like you come over to cook for me too!!

Betty Townsend said...

Total awesomeness!! Yes, recipes please!

Time goes by so quickly...Happy Belated Birthday to Colin!

jalna said...

Recipes coming, Betty!

Mariko said...

AHHHHHHH! I am totally going to have a tsukune party. Like, tomorrow, and eat all the food myself. I want all those recipes. The musubi look AWESOME.
Is that cake from Palme D'or? It looks like an authentic Japanese cake.

jalna said...

Mariko, the cake was from St. Germaine, and it was super super good. . . wouldn't mind some now.