Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiola Shave Ice and Zaratez Mexicatessan

A couple of weeks ago,  due to my poor driving skills I unexpectedly found myself in Kapahulu.  I'd been wanting some Waiola shave ice anyway, so I made a stop.  I parked in a lot adjacent to Waiola and noticed a lunch truck. As I approached it I saw the sign Zaratez Mexicatessan.   




This is the large cup melona with mochi balls.  Hoo hoo!!!


I called Wendell and asked him if he wanted to try something from Zaratez and he asked me to get him a burrito.


I ordered the Burrito and Taco Combo (Beef) for Wendell and a Chicken Quezadillas for me.

This was maybe the best quesadilla that I ever ate.

Profile view for you.

I opened up the taco for you to see.  See the cilantro and onions!

The burrito was HUMANGUS!  Wendell shared it with his dad. He said it was ono.


Leslie's pics said...

uuuuuuuu...I still gotta try this place. I told Randy about it...that taco looks yummy! Too bad it's not a dollah like in the mainland :(

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, looks so good!

Erick said...

The Mexican food looks so ONO. So hard to find good Mexican food. Got to go check it out. Great find!

mmiissee said...

omg...the quesadilla looks sooo good.

jalna said...

Dollah, Les!!

I was really impressed when I saw the food, Betty.

No forget to buy shave ice too, Erick!

It was sooo cheesy, Mmiissee.

SW said...

wow.. the shaved ice looks good..I really like how they make it nice and soft at Wiola. The mexican food looks GOOOOOD.. too bad no smell-o-monitor .. making me crave mexican food!

Dd said...

I keep hearing about this "taco truck" from restaurant folks and chefs...supposed to be da bomb !!
my word verification...ibest !

jalna said...

Me too Shun Wah . . . I loooove the softness Waiola's shave ice.

Didi, I wonda if this is the truck they're talking about.

Mariko said...

Alright. I want it. I'm going to Tacoako next week. Hope they're there.
Mochi balls in the shave ice? I didn't even know that existed? HAVE I LIVED???

Your hats are so cute. I want to see a picture of you wearing one. ;)

jalna said...

OMG Mariko, you haven't lived until you've had mochi balls in your shave ice!! After I'm done making baby beanies, I'm gonna make one for myself for you to see! Hahaha.