Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Some Miscellaneous Stuff

I'm cleaning out my files. Here are just some miscellaneous photos that I never did post. The formatting here is all screwed up cause I'm importing the pictures from Flickr, and the text is just not cooperating. I give up trying to fix it. It's just making me mad . . . not worth it.
Les made these chocolate-covered oreos and pretzel. Was really, really ono.

Me and Erick were at Choi's Garden and Erick said that I had to try this raw meat dish. He said it was really ono. Ummm . . . NOOOOTTTTT!!IMG_2721a

This is hanging above my desk at work. It's from a calendar. I wish I could do stuff like that . . . not the jumping, the taking picture of.IMG_3102a

My sister Didi gave me this spatula. It is da bomb for getting cookies off your Silpat non-stick liner.


CQ bought this for me from the swap meet. In fact she bought it for me twice. It's the bestest pecans. It's $15 a bag.


I bought this coffee from Foodland for about $10.IMG_6848a

The Heineken bush also sprouted some 7-up too.IMG_8388a

Bad Aunty!


Tried these Fish Patties from Bangkok Chef for the first time. I liked um. They were $7.25.


Also ordered this Shrimp with Snow Peas ($8.25).IMG_9208a

Here's Melody with Lo's birthday cake.IMG_9221a

Brandee treated me to lunch the other day. I ordered this Summer Rolls from Loving Hut. They were $3.00. Cheap date yeah.


She also got this Almond Chocolate cupcake. I forget how much it costs. It was good but the frosting was a bit sweet for me.


CQ put together this rice platter awhile back. Unreal yeah.IMG_4862a

Here's Les in action at a photo shoot today.9328a


Betty Townsend said...

Cool photos. Wonder why your descriptions were out of place? I hate when things like that happen.

jalna said...

Thanks Betty. Irritating text . . .

K and S said...

fun photos!

Les said...

WAAAAHH! I wish I could post miscellaneous shots!! :*(

jalna said...

Thanks Kat . . . I'm copying you.

Poor ting, Les. Hope the computer geek guy removes your virus fast.

Dd said...

Where's Loving Hut ??

jalna said...

By Mana Bu's.