Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jane's Fountain

Before going to the bon dance at Higashi Hongwanji last night, me and Susie went to grab a bite to eat at Jane's Fountain on Liliha Street. Erick said that Jane's Fountain's been around since he was a kid, a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago.




They have a jukebox!

It's 2 songs for 25 cents. I chose Onna no Asa and Kokoni Sachi Ari. I sooooooooo old too yeah!

They don't bring a menu to your table. You just read what's on the walls.



Me and Susie both had a small wun tun min and a bar-b-q stick. I liked the wun tun min . . . the shiru was good . Beware of the hot mustard that comes with it . . . it's way, way too hot. The bar-b-q stick wasn't that great . . . just okay.

I was so surprised when the waitress actually used the old cash register that I had noticed earlier!


Les said...

uuuuuuuuuu, small won tun min w/hamburger deluxe...yum!!

Dd said...

My friend and I have tried to go there twice now........but couldnt find parking....we wanted to try their "corned beef tofu?"

jalna said...

Les, sounds so ono . . . and fattening!

Didi, there's street parking on Kuakini by Liliha Bakery. You gotta walk a little bit, but it's not too far.

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, wow...I love these kind of places. I have fond memories of eating at places like this during small kid time. Your saimin looked so ONO!!

Erick said...

So cool! I love that place I hope it never closes. IT's been there a very long time at least 20+ years.

jalna said...

Betty, I wonder how many places like this are still around on this island? Would be kinda neat to search for um.

Yeah Erick, it's a neat place. Do you remember Sekiya's used to have those small juke boxes at each table?

Randism said...

wow; dat place does look old! in a small way, it kinda reminds me of that japanese place on king street across zippys called hata's....

jalna said...

I've always wanted to eat at Hata's but never did.

Unknown said...

jalna said...

Great story tippy! Thanks. Somehow the link didn't transfer over. Here it is: Hawaii's Cherished Child

mmiissee said...

Food looks good!
I wonder I how their Pork Tofu tastes like?!? Where do you park? Right in front? Now days, there's hardly juke boxes in restaurants.

jalna said...

mmiissee, actually Wendell and a few of his coworkers checked it out a few days after me, and a couple of them were really disappointed. My saimin was good though. I parked near the Hongwanji which is on Kuakini.