Monday, July 26, 2010

Campbell Avenue

I took my car in for a 6-month maintenance service today. When my mechanic said that it would be only an hour before it was done I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood to kill time. I walked along Campbell Avenue from Kapahulu to Monsarrat. I had my 100mm macro lens with me. Here are the pics in the order that I took um.











































Les said...

geez how far did you walk?? Ernest must've been waiting for you to come back! Good idea about using the 100mm macro...I want to do that one day, just take that lens, nothing else. I'd be forced to love that lens!!

Betty Townsend said...

Wow...Jalna...awesome pictures. Hey, would you do me a favor...the next time you are down in that neighborhood, would you take pictures over on Palani Avenue. It runs between Kapahulu and Date. Its where my grandmother lived, I think the address was 738 Palani. If turning right off of Kapahulu, heading towards Date Ave, the house would have been on the right hand side. There's apartments there now. I googled the address after looking to see exactly where Campbell and Monsarett were. There was a Chinese restaurant and a Hawaiian food restaurant on one corner and on the other corner was a market. Over on a side street across Kapahulu was a Hawaiian market. Where the Hawaiian restaurant is there use to be an okazu place where we use to go when we were kids to get cone sushi for a snack.

If you think about it...thanks!!!

K and S said...

I like what you've captured on your walk!

jalna said...

Les, I walked to Monsarret and back. I stopped to buy one banana and one mango bread (junk, dry); I talked story with this old man at the Japanese School/senior center ("the school is over hundred years old") and I looked around in Diamond Head Market and Grill. Took me about 1 1/2 hours.

Sure Betty. Palani Avenue is a short street that's changed a lot, but I think they're still homes there from way back.

Randism said...

too bad da mango/banana bread not so ono! nice shots ;-)

Betty Townsend said...

Yeah, when I looked at a Google street view of looked like mostly apartments. So sad...I have tons of precious memories being at Grandma's and her big hayden mango tree that was cut down when the apartments were built. I wondered about the mango bread...too bad it was junk.

jalna said...

Yeah Rand, was so disappointing . . . like they used extract instead of the real thing.

I miss how things were before too, Betty.

Dd said...

Looks like a new place for saimin huh...

bebedeer said...

Wow, I've driven down that street so many times, but never noticed that historic house. I guess I gotta walk. Very interesting...

jalna said...

Didi, I so wanna try that BBQ Stickman place.

Fawn, I didn't notice that house before either. You can see so much more stuff when you walk. I hope you could read the explanation on the house okay. It takes an extra step for me to make each picture big and I was too lazy to do it for this post.

SW said...

Cool walkabout shots...I've lived just nearby and I've never seen most of the places! Thanks for sharing.

jalna said...

Thanks Shun Wah!

jalna said...

Thanks Kat! I also enjoy what you've been seeing on your walks here.

Yosh808 said...'s sad when the first thing you think of when I saw the picture with the people wearing bright yellow shirts is..."Eh! Look...Menehunes!!"

jalna said...

Yosh youuuuuuuuu. Now that's all I'm gonna think about when I see those brightly colored workers too.

Erick said...

Cool, you got such a great cross section of Kapahulu. Never knew there were so many little businesses. Very nice shooting!

jalna said...

Good way to pass the time yeah Erick!

MJC said...

Jalna, That's what I love about your blog. I love this kind of photo-docuumented walk along a street. I like that you stop and enjoy taking in the little things in life that so many are oblivious to in our fast-moving lives. Did you ever get the pancakes or omelet in the morning at Diamond Head Market and Grill. Both are soooo ono!!!

jalna said...

Hey MJC, thanks so much for commenting. I myself am surprised at what I see while walking instead of driving by. It's good to slow down once in awhile. No, I've never tried the pancakes or omelets at Diamond Head Market and Grill. I'll keep it in mind next time me and Wendell are looking from someplace for breakfast.

mmiissee said...

Whats the name of the shop where you take your car in for service? I'm looking for a auto mechanic who's straight-up. I'm tired of taking my car to different places just for service. Btw, it wouldn't happen to be Mike's Automotive?

jalna said...

mmiissee, the shop is called Kapahulu Auto Repair, Inc. My mechanic's name is Ernest. I've been going to him for years. He's da bomb. The phone number is 738-5577. They're on Castle Street by Rainbow Drive-In.

mmiissee said...

Is that the place where it used to be a restaurant? They just moved to that location? Thank you, jalna = )

jalna said...

That's the place mmiissee!! It used to be a chinese food restaurant there before.