Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wendell!

Today is Wendell's 60th birthday and he pretty much spent it like this. Poor thing, yeah.
We bought this faucet from Costo for $189.
Then we went to Ferguson Bath Kitchen and Lighting Gallery. Wendell wanted to check out the sinks there. Everything was soooo elegant and beautiful. I could've spent all day there taking pictures. While Wendell checked out the sinks, I took pictures of the lights.

We never got the sink from there. . . it would've been $600! And guess what . . . the same faucet we got from Costco, also 600 bucks!! We ended up at Home Depot and got a sink for $200.

We did go out to Hakone in Hawaii Prince Hotel for a Japanese sushi buffet dinner. You should've seen how much he ate. It was impressive.


Erick said...

So, did Wendell like the sink? Very unique birthday present.

Dd said...

Where is this place ?? Neva heard of, wheres do Japanese food pics ?? ;o}

jalna said...

Erick, I like the sink, but mostly I looove the faucet. I'll probably do a post on it. I took pictures.

Didi, it's in the Prince Hotel. Wouldja believe I didn't take any pictures. It was kinda crowded and not too spacious so I woulda really attracted some attention. I was shame.

Betty Townsend said...

Right after we moved into our mobile, we bought a new sink and faucet. Gerry called his son Jason over to install it. The faucet didn't work real well, so we got another one from Lowe's and again Gerry called Jason to come put it in. The other faucet went to Gerry's daughter Jenni. Her husband put it in for her. :)) I can't believe you didn't take pictures of the food you ate. :)) Happy Birthday to Wendell!!

Leslie's pics said...

you? shame?

jalna said...

Betty and Les, it's kinda amazing that I didn't take pictures yeah.