Thursday, August 23, 2018


About a month ago, my drawing class buddies and I went to Wagaya for lunch. We had a great time. And food was good.

Erick had the Tan Tan Ramen ($13.75)

Cleta and I both had the Hiyashi Men ($11.95). I had the vegetarian version.

Thanks for treating, Cleta!!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Was ono? Looks ono.

Anonymous said...

Yummy! I love ramen. Is this where Misuzu Restaurant used to be? I miss that place.


Susan said...

I'm thankful my go to ramen place is still under $10 for a bowl.

K and S said...

looks great!

Erick said...

That was good, I like go ramen again.

jalna said...

Aunty, was very ono . . . but I did miss the shiru.

Izsmom, yes it is.

Susan, for real yah!

Kat, maybe next time you're here.

Erick, LOL. Me too.

Leslie's pics said...

yummmmmmmm wagayaaaaaaaaaa.....