Monday, July 2, 2018

Adventures in Spearfishing - 1

I was dabbling with the idea of drawing comics. I think it would be fun to use as an aid to telling stories. One small problem. It's hard. 

I did this one page yesterday. It's supposed to be me and Wendell back in the day when we were still dating. Wendell used to love to go spearfishing. I used to go with him and pretend to enjoy it too because I wanted him to like me. 

In reality, I hate being in ocean water, especially if the floor is rock and seaweed filled. Ewwwwww.  So gross.

Anyway, there's supposed to be more to this story . . . but my skills . . . still lacking . . . not sure if I can do it. 



Honolulu Aunty said...

I LOVE that picture and concept of doing picture stories!!!

Funny - how you pretended that you liked going spear fishing in the beginning of your relationship. I did the same - pretended that I liked to fish with my Guy - freezing as the sun would set on the rocks at Allen Davis, waiting for "one more cast" and not getting anything. Little did they know, we were fishing, and we caught the fishermen!

So after we "caught" them, we started doing our own thing and they kinda went along, and then we really started doing our own things by ourselves, though always meeting up during the day and or evenings, sharing about the fish that got away or the shopping deals that I found.

Life is so funny. Quite wonderful. Sometimes sad.

Anonymous said...

Cute your drawing! You too funny Jalna! I would like to hear more of the story of you and Wendell!


Leslie's pics said...

so so so cute. you look so miserable in the drawing! :)

K and S said...

sounds like a great project!

Mark Shelby said...


How about just start with.....

I wanted my Boy Friend to like me. So here I am with my fake Smile and fish spear!

.....hehe ; )

Looks Great Already Jalna!....LOL!

jalna said...

Awwww Aunty, I just love you.

Izsmom, hopefully more to come.

Les, actually it was fun . . . but just out of my element.

Kat, good idea yah. Just not sure how it'll go. We'll see.

Hahahaha, Mark.

Susan said...

I love this! Hoping for more!😉

Erick said...

I guess it worked. Love your artwork.

jalna said...

Susan, LOL. Thanks!

Thanks Erick!