Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Please don't scold me. I know I'm supposed to be decluttering. But a guy at the swap meet was selling a bag of 30 watches for only $10.  So I bought the bag. 


And look. See. Had three Hello Kitty watches in the bag. I cut off the band from the one on the right. It was all beat up and getting crumbs all over the place. I need to find another band for it. Maybe I'll take it off from one of the other watches.

Look how cute the pink one is. It just needed a new battery and it works fine.

This one too. Works great with a new battery.

Only thing got couple pukas on the end of the strap. 

I'm going to have a drawing to give the two watches away. Winner takes both the pink and the red ones. Just leave a comment here or email me at I'll announce the winner this Sunday, February 26. 


Leslie's pics said...

wth?!?! :-O hahaha

jalna said...

I know, Les . . . so anti-decluttering.

K and S said...

what a deal!

jalna said...

Riiiiight, Kat?!!! And guess what. He had another $10 bag. !!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Cannot help - $10 is such a deal!!!

Don't want a watch, but maybe you should start selling on ebay. So easy now if you download the ebay app on your phone and your pictures are instantly loaded for your items.

Dd said...

S C O R E !!! and a FROZEN watch toooooo ;-} !!
but...come on....just think of the value when they are all replaced !! RIGHT ??

jalna said...

For real yah, Aunty!

Totally, Dd!

Mark Shelby said...

Does this mean that you will never ever be late again Jalna? If so, I approve! : )

I Luv ya! ; )

jalna said...

LOL, Mark. Noooooooo . . .

Susan said...

I don't need the watches but you have a heart of gold! Who cares about clutter...those houses that look like they came out of an HGTV magazine, their clutter is hidden inside all those closets while ours are out for display!

jalna said...

So true dat, Susan. I bet when they open the doors everything comes tumbling out.