Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sam's Club Sweet Kale Chopped Salad

Penny, my coworker gave me this bag of pre-made salad that she picked up from Sam's Club. 


I enhanced it with some cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and croutons. The poppyseed dressing was a little on the sweet side, but I liked the salad a lot.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Looks good, especially the way you added ono toppings!

I used to have Sam's Club membership but dropped it since I hardly would go after awhile. Once in a great while, I will go to the Keeaumoku store and get a one day guest pass from the front counter - I have to pay 5% more than members but since I only get a few things that Costco doesn't have, it wasn't too bad.

I like the size of the salad bag - not too big so it is usable. And healthy too!

jalna said...

Aunty, was kinda plain without the enhancements. I don't have Sam's membership too, but Wendell does through his friend.

Mark Shelby said...

Looks awesome! When I heard kale was very healthy for you, I bought some for my home made salads. I could not stand the taste. Then I even read how some people make "Kale Chips" in their oven with olive oil and seasoning. I almost failed at that too. ; )

Check this funny Kale Chip girl! For a how to make Kale Chips.

Then I started using Kale included in my blender juicing. That way I disguise da flavor but I get da healthy goodness! my fun story of the day......

And coincidently I thought of you today Jalna. Today I was riding my bike along the Pacific Beach Boardwalk. And Of all things, I found a very fresh still cold restaurant take out box, with a huge fancy chicken salad inside! Wow!

I don't know what happened here. Sometimes people even leave food out for the homeless. Sometimes they forget and just leave it accidentally. But I scored tonight. This was probably a $9.00 salad. It was huge! It had poppy seed dressing that was not even poured over yet. Nothing touched not even eaten.

I'm brave and a total scavenger so I picked it up. I stopped into Tao Bell for a free fork and salt and pepper packets.....I'm very creative ya know! ; )

BBQ chicken, romaine lettuce, black olives, small tomatoes, the white crumbly cheese, garbanzo beans, cooked soft artichoke pieces.

And as I sat looking west and watched the sunset, I thought of my island home! Went through all of my growing up memories in my head. And I was thankful that the Lord provided me a very fun meal.

And I must have really been a good boy today because I also found a $1.00 bill on da sidewalk! So not only did I get the free salad, I got the tip too! ; )

Now that was a fun day at the beach! ; ) ; ) ; )

jalna said...

Mark, so funny your story. You TOTALLY scored! You even got a tip! Hahahahaha! And that girl in the video is soooo funny!!

Mark Shelby said...

Hi Jalna.....

Just for fun, this is where I ride my bike along the Pacific Beach boardwalk, San Diego.

I've been doing this since my college days in the 1970's at Point Loma Nazarene College. Except when I moved back to Hawaii in the 1980's to help Dad with The Marsh Company. We don't have anything like this along our beaches in Hawaii, and I just love it!

It's a fast motion vid and fun. It's filmed in Feb. so not too many people around. In the spring and summer this place is packed with people! The boardwalk wall on the right in the video is where I found my awesome free to me chicken salad! ; )

Enjoy my beach views!

Leslie's pics said...

Ho da small your salad! I can eat those bags in one sitting! oink oink...

jalna said...

It's kinda packed in there, Les.

Kay said...

Ahhhh... Is that Brianna's poppyseed dressing? That's my favorite.

jalna said...

Brianna's dressing? Not sure, Kay, but good to know. Thanks!